December 9, 2020
Lucy Robson Hits The Golf Course In Plunging, Lace-Up Bodysuit

Pro-golfer and Instagram model Lucy Robson delighted her 904,000 social media followers with her most recent share on Wednesday morning. The stunning blonde sported a clingy bodysuit and teased in the caption that adhering to a dress code on the golf course isn't always necessary. Over 18,000 followers agreed by hitting the "like" button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded.

Lucy credited the clothing brand Fashion Nova for her figure-hugging outfit, which featured a ribbed, heather gray fabric with pink seamed accents that emphasized her curves. The garment had long sleeves and a rounded neck, but compensated for the demure design with a plunging embellishment in the front, which was open several inches past her bust and showcased her cleavage. It was laced with a fuchsia string that began at her midriff and finished with a crisscross at her collarbones, appearing to tie in a bow behind her neck.

The contrasting detailing also ran vertically down the arms and the body of the leotard, positioned such that they outlined the juxtaposition between her slender waist and the swell of her feminine physique above and below.

Lucy's straight, platinum hair was swept into a messy ponytail, with a few layered pieces framing her face. She turned her head slightly and gazed off-camera with a serene expression and parted lips.

The internet sensation faced the camera head-on, with both arms at her sides in the snap, posing simply to best display her flattering attire. She placed her left palm against the outside of her hip and grasped a golf club in her right hand, which was adorned with a cover featuring a blue penguin wearing sunglasses.

Lucy stood directly in front of a collection of tall bushes dappled with sunlight. They retained vibrant green leaves, but a bare tree in a corner of the background and the swath of brown on the ground indicated the presence of cool, autumn weather.

Lucy's Instagram followers loved the post and couldn't get enough of her tempting look. Many joked in the comments section about the lack of pockets in her bodysuit and asked where she would store her accessories.

"Not sure where the glove and tees would go.... does it come with a Fanny pack? Lol," one fan mused.

"Normally put tees in my hair! And I put my glove on my bag before I putt," Lucy replied.

Others chose not to express their feelings in words, but to use affectionate emoji. Heart-eyes, flames, and heart symbols seemed to be most popular.