December 9, 2020
Brennah Black Sizzles In Lacy Lingerie As She Transforms Into A Sexy Ewok

Brennah Black teased her 644,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday, December 8, with a hot new update. The American model took to the photo-sharing app to post a smoldering selfie that saw her rocking a lingerie set and a bit of fur as she transformed into a sexy "Star Wars species."

In the caption, Black asked asked her fans to guess which character from the popular franchise she was dressed as for this recent photo shoot. Many of them took to the comments section take their guesses, with most going for Ewok or Wookiee. She responded to many that the the former was the right answer.

The photo showed Black in a studio. She appeared to be holding the camera at arm's length to take the tilted selfie. She wore a beige fuzzy band around her neck, which was the only clue as to what species she was dressed as.

Black rocked a sultry lingerie top that was crafted out of a solid material and sheer panels. It included floral details and a thin strap that stretched over her shoulders. They attached to the bodice via a small silver-colored ring. It featured a low-cut neckline that teased a bit of her cleavage.

Black wore her platinum blond hair parted on the side as she brushed her bangs to the left. She styled it in loose waves that she pulled over her shoulder, allowing them to fall on her chest.

The picture has attracted more than 11,000 likes and over 440 comments within half a day of going live. Many other followers used the occasion to simply point out how beautiful Black looked and to share their admiration for her.

"I knew you were out of this world," one user wrote.

"Darth Gorgeous," teased another fan, and Black responded that she likes the sound of that.

"I am absent from IG for a short time and you become even more gorgeous," a third user chimed in.

"A new edition specie that'll def take Star Wars to next level," raved a fourth admirer.

Black is well known among her fans for her many posts that combine fashion and sex appeal. As The Inquisitr has previously noted, she recently shared a couple of snapshots in which she sported a dark blazer and a pair of panties. She wore the jacket entirely open, showing that the model was braless underneath. Her underwear bottoms featured thin straps that sat high. She sat in a vintage-style chair as the camera captured her from below, framing her whole figure.