December 9, 2020
Bri Teresi Gets Soaking Wet And Unties Her Bikini Bottoms In Lake Tahoe

Bri Teresi took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon with a jaw-dropping update that stunned her 1.1 million followers. The provocative fitness model is known for flaunting her killer physique with very little fabric covering her body, and this post was no exception. Over 6,600 fans hit the "like" button in the course of the evening when it went live.

Bri encouraged her supporters in the caption to leave her a greeting, and hundreds had obliged at the time of this writing.

Fellow social media celebrity Gabriella Abutbol appeared to be one of the first to respond, referring to Bri with an abbreviated form of a common pet name. Model and Guess Jeans photographer Krystle Lina left a trio of flames to express her affection for the sultry blonde.

"Well, hello gorgeous!" exclaimed one fan.

"Wow. Hellllllllllllllo," remarked a second person.

"Hello how are you doing today??" inquired a third follower.

"I think that's definitely your color," declared a fourth fan, referring to the deep turquoise shade of Bri's string bikini, which beautifully complemented her golden tan and platinum tresses.

The design of Bri's skimpy bathing suit was simple and left little to the imagination. It was embellished on both pieces with small gold rings to which the front spaghetti straps were attached. The triangular cups on the top were narrow and pushed far away from one another to reveal the maximum amount of decolletage, as well as the sides of her breasts.

The long strings on the right side of her hip were untied, and she seductively tugged them down to the top of her outer thigh — enough for the suit to pull away from her body and show off the tempting skin below. The ends of the straps grazed the surface of the lake in which she posed.

Bri stood in thigh-deep water, bathed in bright sunshine. Sparkling droplets of water covered her muscular abdomen and long, shapely legs. She tipped her chin toward the sun and closed her eyes, letting her lips part slightly.

One hand was entwined in her shoulder-length hair, near her neck. She arched her lower back to emphasize the swell of her derriere in comparison to her slender waist and lifted the knee that was closest to the camera out of the water.

The edge of the lake was lined with large boulders, and the blurry background was a steep hill dotted with pine trees that rose immediately in elevation.