December 9, 2020
Kourtney Reppert Leaves Little To The Imagination In See-Through Bodysuit

Kourtney Reppert gave her 1.4 million Instagram followers something to look at on Tuesday, December 8, when she treated them to a shot that saw her clad in a skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination. Her fans could hardly contain their excitement.

Reppert was captured in an elegant, well-lit space decorated with a white leather couch and colorful throw pillows. She was photographed from the left as she sat on the edge of the couch while leaning forward, touching her shin.

Reppert sizzled in a bodysuit that showed more than it covered. The front was crafted out of a black see-through material. To censor the snap, she placed her left arm on her knee as she pushed her chest up against it. The back of the garment was equally skimpy as it consisted of a series of straps that clung to her torso, booty and legs.

She paired the snapshot with a teasing caption in which she asked her fans to "talk nerdy" to her. Reppert also revealed that the shoot was captured by In Vogue Photography and credited Nichole Ray for her hair and makeup. She noted that her tan was courtesy of Dolce Glow by Isabel Alysa.

The post didn't need much time to start getting traction. Within just half an hour, the picture has garnered about 1,000 likes and more than 50 comments. Many of Reppert's followers used the comments section to interact with Reppert, putting forth their best effort to sound "nerdy." However, others simply used the occasion to shower her with compliments and emoji.

"You remind me of a character off of Star Trek, seven of nine," one of her fans wrote.

"Beautiful princess your eyes are two stars that illuminate the whole world," replied another user.

"Chess, computer programs, Dungeons and Dragons, Mensa, equilateral triangles.... that's about as nerdy as I can talk," chimed in a third admirer, including a ROFL emoji at the end.

"Wooow beautiful and very sexy legs and thighs i like that baby," a fourth follower gushed.

Reppert often stuns her fans with her sultry Instagram posts. As written by The Inquisitr, she recently did just that when she shared a close-up shot of herself with her top lowered down, putting on a busty display. The photographer captured the model against a black backdrop, keeping the focus on her. She had on a bright red top with medium straps, which she wore off her shoulders. She placed her hands over her chest to keep things Instagram-friendly.