'One Piece' Chapter 998 Spoilers: Jinbe, Sanji & Franky Clash Against Who's Who, Black Maria & Sasaki

JB Baruelo

One Piece Chapter 998 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. According to Reddit, the upcoming chapter of One Piece will feature an epic battle involving Jinbe, Vinsmoke Sanji, and Cyborg Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates against Who's Who, Black Maria, and Sasaki of the Tobi Roppo.

Jinbe was last shown in One Piece Wano Arc accompanying his captain, Monkey D. Luffy, to the rooftop where Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido was fighting the Nine Red Scabbards. However, it seems like Jinbe will have his hands full in the upcoming chapter as one of the strongest Beast Pirates headliners will show up in front of them. To allow Luffy to move forward, Jinbe will need to face Who's Who in a one-on-one fight. One Piece Chapter 998 spoilers revealed that Who's Who is a user of the Neko Neko no Mi model "Saber tooth," or Smilodon.

The upcoming chapter will also feature the continuation of the battle between Cyborg Franky and Sasaki. Cyborg Franky was left with no choice but to fight Sasaki to help Yamato bring Momonosuke and Shinobu to a safe location. However, though he seemed confident that he could beat his opponent, Cyborg Franky will have to go all-out to take down Sasaki. In One Piece Chapter 998, Sasaki is set to undergo a transformation using his devil fruit, Ryuu Ryuu no Mi Model Triceratops.

Meanwhile, to win their war against the Beast Pirates, Sanji will be left with no choice but to fight a beautiful woman in the upcoming chapter. In the previous chapter, Sanji fell into the trap of Black Maria and her subordinates. Before he started to fight them, he politely asked them to let him walk away or they would suffer the consequences. At first, it seems like Black Maria succeeded in seducing Sanji. However, Black Leg will manage to temporarily forget his love for a beautiful woman to focus on achieving their main goal in the Land of Wano. During their fight, Black Maria's devil fruit power will be revealed. According to spoilers, she is a user of Kumo Kumo no Mi Model Rosamygale Grauvogeli.

Aside from the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Tobi Roppo, One Piece Chapter 998 will also show other interesting scenes. These include X Drake completely knocking out Scratchmen Apoo and former Whitebeard Pirates first-division commander Marco the Phoenix using his devil fruit ability to stop the spread of the virus created by Queen the Plague. It will also feature Yamato with a statue of a broken dragon. Yamato will reveal that his friend, Portgas D. Ace, attempted to kill his father, Emperor Kaido, when he visited the Land of Wano.