Hillary Rodham Clinton Biopic ‘Rodham’ In The Works, Director James Ponsoldt On Board

With Lincoln making a huge splash with viewers, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to push forth with a biopic on Hillary Rodham Clinton. As the first lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency, Hillary had to endure a historical embarrassment, which saw her standing by her husband’s side after he had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

This isn’t the first time that Hollywood is taking Hillary’s plight up to task. This year mini series Political Animals took creative license with her story, as Sigourney Weaver played a divorced, former First Lady, who was serving as the Secretary of State. However, this is the first time Clinton will be receiving her own full-fledged biopic.

The biopic is described as:
“Rodham focuses on Hillary’s youth as a hot shot lawyer, who was the youngest selected for the House Judiciary Committee to Impeach Nixon. At the time Hillary was weighing her options between staying in Washington, D.C. and digging into a career in politics, or reconnecting with her boyfriend Bill Clinton, who was teaching in Arkansas.”

Screenwriter Kim describes it as a “journey of a woman who was torn between her personal desires and her professional ambition — both literally pulled her thousands of miles apart, because Bill did not want to leave Arkansas, and she did not want to leave Washington, D.C.”

Director James Ponsoldt of the indie film Smashed, is said to direct the film, and Young II Kim is receiving massive buzz around the script. All the pieces seem to be falling into place for the Rodham biopic. All the project needs is someone who will be able to take on the lead role of Hillary Clinton.

The role will need a commanding actress, who isn’t afraid to represent the woman, without it coming off as a parody. Think more Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin rather than Tina Fey’s SNL version. The Clinton portrayal will need someone who’s just as talented and up for the task.

Who do you think might make the best choice to portray Hillary Clinton? Keep in mind, this will be a younger Clinton.
[Photo credit: mistydawnphoto / Shutterstock.com]