‘Bewitched’ Star Erin Murphy Looks Like Her TV Mom As She Teases New Television Appearance With Stunning Photo

The former child star resembled her longtime co-star Elizabeth Montgomery in a gorgeous new photo.

Erin Murphy and Elizabeth Montgomery pose for photos
Joshua Blanchard/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The former child star resembled her longtime co-star Elizabeth Montgomery in a gorgeous new photo.

Bewitched star Erin Murphy thrilled fans with a new photo shared to Instagram along with a hint that she’s headed back to the small screen in some capacity.

The former child star, 56, best known for her role as Tabitha Stephens on the bewitching 1960s sitcom, posed in a blue dress and tan, open-toed sandals as she teased that she was set to spend time in front of a television camera.

In the photo shared with her followers, the actress and host had her blond hair flipped at the bottom as she posed in a hallway while announcing that she is “TV ready.” Erin included hashtags about being an actress as well as a nod to ABC — the network that she worked for as a child. She also tagged late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, which could be a hint that she’s set to make an appearance on his talk show, and noted that she was in Hollywood, California, per the geotag.

In a series of comments, fans told Erin that she was as stunning as ever. But others wanted to know what she was up to with her teasing post.

“TV ready? Are you going on?” one follower asked.

“Yep!” she replied.

Others complimented the actress’s gorgeous blue dress.

“Blue is def your color! Are you recording something?” another fan wanted to know, with Erin also replying in the affirmative.

Others couldn’t believe how much the all-grown-up star looks like her TV mom, the late Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stephens on Bewitched.

“I know you must hear this all the time, but it’s amazing how closely you resemble Elizabeth Montgomery. Like sisters almost,” one fan wrote, prompting Erin to respond with a thank you.

“You still look as cute as you did as a baby,” another admirer added.

Erin worked with Elizabeth from 1966 to 1972, and it’s no surprise that she grew up to look like her. In 2017, she told Fox News that during the huge casting call for the part of Samantha’s daughter in the mid-1960s, producers were “looking for someone who looked like Elizabeth Montgomery and wasn’t afraid of the lights.”

A pint-sized Erin auditioned with her fraternal twin sister Diane, and they got the part. Diane later dropped off from the role and Erin took over for all of Tabitha’s scenes.

“She and I are very, very much alike,” she noted while discussing her on-screen mom. “She had a really dirty sense of humor and so do I!”

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away in 1995 at age 62.

Erin remains very nostalgic about her Bewitched days and often posts throwback photos from her years on the show on her social media pages.