December 9, 2020
Weekly 'General Hospital' Spoilers Hint At Major Shockers As Sonny Confronts Julian & Sasha Plans Revenge

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 7 signal that viewers have quite the wild ride ahead of them. A new sneak peek was shared via Twitter on Monday that provided some tantalizing teasers regarding what's on the way.

The clip suggests that Sasha will be looking for revenge after being released from General Hospital. The last that viewers saw, she learned that she'd had a heart attack due to the drugs she'd been given by Cyrus. In addition, Michael visited her, and it seems this conversation may not go as she wants.

The General Hospital preview suggests that Sasha will try to go after Cyrus herself. That sounds like a dangerous proposition, and it seems unlikely that she can destroy him when others have been unsuccessful.

The sneak peek shows Sasha looking angry and determined as Brando asks her what she thinks she's doing. She says she's getting her revenge, and the video shifts to a shot of Cyrus.

It appears that Monica will confide in Tracy about the brief, drunken fling that Ned and Alexis had. According to SheKnows Soaps, on Thursday, Monica will confide in somebody about this secret she's been sitting on for a while.

Given the snippet of Tracy shown in the General Hospital sneak peek, it certainly seems that she's the one who hears this wild tidbit. Chances seem good that Tracy won't wait long before tearing into her son over this.

The General Hospital preview also hints that Sam and Jason will find themselves navigating something emotional and potentially heartbreaking. They are both shown crying, albeit separately, and this will surely have "JaSam" fans feeling anxious.

Sam has been questioning her ability to live the rest of her life in the shadow of the mob. She's been tied to Sonny's business for years now, and realistically, Jason will never fully walk away from it. However, the close call with Danny and the Floating Rib explosion may prove to be more than she can tolerate.

The wild preview also reveals that Julian is facing at least one more obstacle before he can get out of Port Charles. Sonny will catch up to him, and this will certainly be a tense confrontation.

Sonny is seen holding a gun on Julian as he says there's something they need to talk about. Naturally, this will be about Julian's involvement in the baby swap, information that Sonny recently received from Britt.

Will Sonny kill Julian? General Hospital spoilers indicate that William deVry's last scenes as Julian are likely coming this week, and fans are anxious to see whether he dies or manages to slip out of town.

The week of December 7 also brings Scott punching somebody, Maxie facing changes in her relationship with Peter, and Trina desperately seeking the truth about her father. Nikolas will have a surprise for Ava, and Finn will spend time with his father.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be some unexpected developments playing out in the coming days, and fans are anxious to see what's next.