Liz Katz Shows Off Cleavage While Eating Ice Cream In Latest Instagram Post

Cosplay model Liz Katz got a lot of attention early on Monday morning as she went on Instagram to share a clip of herself eating an ice cream bar and flaunting her impressive assets while doing so.

The brief clip featured Liz facing the camera, with what looked to be her kitchen in the background. She started out by removing the dessert from its packaging, revealing that it was a chocolate-coated bar shaped like what looked to be Mickey Mouse's head. The model spent the next few seconds taking small bites and licking on the frozen treat, making playful expressions until the front shell broke off. She had a surprised look on her face, pausing for a few seconds before she continued eating her ice cream.

Despite repeated attempts to prevent the shell from completely falling off, the chocolate finally landed on Liz's left hand shortly after she took a bite out of one of the ears. She then took a few more tiny bites as the clip drew to a close.

Although it wasn't clear what Liz was wearing due to the fact that the video cut off at her midsection, she revealed plenty of cleavage in her black ensemble thanks to its low neckline. She also wore her long blond hair down and seemingly unstyled for the goofy, yet somehow alluring upload.

In her caption, the cosplayer explained that she was sharing "actual footage" of herself trying to consume her dessert.

In the 11 hours since the post went live on Instagram, it has been viewed more than 244,000 times by Liz's loyal followers. Her admirers also left 900-plus replies in the comments section, with a good number of them asking about her partner, gaming YouTuber H2O Delirious, as well as their newborn baby, who many have taken to calling "Babylirious." Others commented on what the cosplayer was doing in the video or simply chose to praise her for her looks and her outfit.

"Motherlirious eating a icecreamlirious," one follower observed.

"We can all relate those ice creams break really easily," a second person noted.

"Love U so much!!! You're so crazy and so beautiful. So perfect," a third fan wrote, adding multiple heart-eye and heart emoji at the end of the comment.

The new update is just the latest one in which Liz has shown off her post-baby figure for her Instagram fan base. Over the weekend, the model shared a photo of herself wearing another revealing outfit, that time rocking a skintight sweater jumpsuit that again put much of her cleavage on display.