Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani’s Star Witness, Given Probation After Sending Sex Tape To Fiance’s Ex-Wife

Rudy Giuliani speaks at an event.
SAUL MARTINEZ / Getty Images

Before Mellissa Carone earned viral fame as Rudy Giuliani’s star witness at a voter fraud hearing last week, the 33-year-old was known for a much racier appearance.

As The Daily Mail reported, the woman whose testimony ended up as a Saturday Night Live skit was sentenced to probation last year for sending sex tapes to her fiance’s ex-wife as part of a two-year campaign of harassment. The report noted that she had been accused of harassing the 42-year-old victim, including sending explicit videos by email.

The report noted that investigators traced the email back to Carone, and she later told police that she had sent them. She was charged with obscenity and computer charges, but later pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct as a part of a plea deal, the report added.

Carone opened up about the sex tape, telling the Huffington Post that it was actually her fiance who sent it and that she accepted the plea deal for herself because she wanted the legal situation to come to an end.

“The reason I got charged for it is it was sent off of my phone,” Carone said. “I just said screw it, I’m going to have to take it.”

Carone earned some viral infamy this week after testifying before a group of state representatives in Michigan, claiming that she had seen a number of voting irregularities that pointed to potential fraud. As the New York Post reported, Carone claimed that thousands of votes were counted twice and that fake ballots may have been smuggled into the polling place where she was stationed.

The outlet noted that she could not back up the allegations with evidence, but did grow heated as lawmakers pressed her on the allegations. At one point, Giuliani audibly shushed her while she was making the claims.

Giuliani has attracted plenty of criticism for his legal strategy as he has pushed Donald Trump’s claims of massive election fraud but has been unable to offer evidence to back up the allegations. The campaign, along with allies of the president, has lost a series of court cases seeking to overturn results and prevent states from certifying results. Trump has also refused to concede, claiming that he was the real winner of the race and Biden benefitted from millions of illegal votes.

Carone’s testimony earned some viral attention, with comedian Cecily Strong lampooning her performance on Saturday Night Live.