Camila Bernal Shares Multiple Looks At Buxom Booty & Voluptuous Figure In Skintight Dress

Colombian influencer and model Camila Bernal poses for a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Colombian model and social media maven Camila Bernal has been incredibly active on Instagram of late, posting multiple pics and videos on a daily basis. On Saturday night, the Bogota-born influencer was at it again with a sexy slideshow that offered multiple looks at her bombshell body in a skintight dress from PrettyLittleThing that conformed almost perfectly to her dynamite curves.

In addition to documenting the 23-year-old from varying angles — which allowed her 1.4 million followers to see her in all her glory — the sultry spread also included an enticing video of Bernal moving her thick hips and buxom booty in a suggestive manner.

She captioned the share by imploring her admirers to click all the way through the slider to see the clip in question. And if all of the virtual catcalls in the post’s comments section were any indication, those that did were thankful for doing so.

“You move in mysterious ways,” appraised one fan.

“Wow u look amazingly beautiful,” wrote a second supporter.

“Cute dress u have it looks gorgeous on you.”

“Definitely a true queen,” gushed a third follower.

Just 30 minutes after the update went live, it had racked up an impressive 3,000 likes as well.

Bernal posed in front of a large mirror in the first snap with her back facing the camera. However, instead of examining her own reflection, she had turned her head to her left and was peering over her shoulder and into the device’s lens. Her hands appeared to be touching her upper thighs on both sides while two pigtails draped over her back and her lips glistened in the light.

Her ample, rear-side assets were hugged tightly by her dress, which was emblazoned with a newspaper print pattern that also included multiple blue and black butterflies.

The second photo appeared to have been taken from much closer proximity and the angle of the shot allowed her curvy figure to stand out even more. She further accentuated her shape by pushing her legs together and shifting her hip to one side as she stared at herself in the mirror. In addition, her upper back ink could be seen in greater detail.

For the third and fourth snaps, Bernal turned to face the camera directly. In one, she flashed a toothy grin as she leaned forward and rested her hands on her thighs. Consequently, her sizable bust and a moderate showing of cleavage dominated the upper half of the frame. In the picture that followed, she was snapped from below as she gingerly caressed her hips and plump posterior.

Finally, the video clip, which was taken from her TikTok, showed the model working her hands as she slowly turned her body and methodically gyrated her hips and booty seductively.

Earlier in the day, Bernal ignited her timeline with another clip in which she showcased her killer curves in an ultra-revealing, semi-sheer bikini.