‘General Hospital’ Recap: Ava Tells Nikolas The Truth & Fans Are Loving This Couple

Marcus Coloma and Maura West star on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital was a big one for fans of Ava and Nikolas. Their marriage started as one of blackmail and scheming, but it has slowly progressed toward something different. During what was essentially a make-or-break moment, she trusted her husband and let herself be vulnerable in telling him the truth. It appears that “Nava” fans were thrilled by how the scenes played out.

A General Hospital teaser for the big conversation between Ava and Nikolas was shared via the show’s Twitter account on Friday. The caption suggested that she needed to give her husband an explanation, and as viewers saw, she struggled over what to say.

Normally, Ava would almost certainly hide the most difficult details about what Julian did from Nikolas. When Nik first asked her why she’d been walking along the waterline on the grounds of Wyndemere, she made up an excuse.

Eventually, however, she admitted she had been looking for Julian’s body. She told Nik she’d planned to kill her brother. In fact, she went so far as to truthfully tell her husband that Julian had been responsible for the bomb at the Floating Rib.

“Thank you so much for having Ava tell the truth. No secrets between Nava! They are better than that!” a viewer tweeted in response to the show’s post.

Ava was emotional as she let her vulnerability show, worried that Nikolas would reject her. She acknowledged that she chose him over her brother and that she loved Nik. Rather than turn away from her, Nikolas promised to stay and support her.

A number of General Hospital viewers cheered across social media as the couple navigated this tough conversation. More than a few admitted that they had not expected to root for this pairing. Despite that, now that the writers have slowly moved this along, people are jumping on-board the “Nava” train.

“I’m really loving me some Ava and Nik…. Never ever ever thought I’d say it but I am,” one General Hospital fan tweeted.

“Ava Jerome Cassadine has the best redemption story ever. Getting rid of her past with Julian embracing her future with Nikolas,” another person wrote.

General Hospital viewers were especially in awe of actress Maura West’s performance throughout this.

“What else can be said about the incomparable Maura West that hasn’t already been said? Her subtleties, her smart choices her all in spirit are what easily makes her one of the most captivating actresses to have EVER graced daytime. How lucky are we?!! #TeamMaura #TeamAva #GH,” an impressed fan tweeted.

Can Ava and Nikolas now put all of their conflicts and doubts behind them and forge forward together? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps notes that he’ll have a surprise for her next week, and everybody will be anxious to see whether this is something good or bad.