Daisy Keech Flaunts Her Natural Curls & Ample Bosom On Instagram

Social media influencer and model Daisy Keech poses for a selfie that was later posted on Instagram.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Daisy Keech — the model and influencer who founded the content creator collective known as The Clubhouse — breathed new life into her infrequently updated Instagram profile with a sultry new slideshow. The photo update, which went live on her timeline on Saturday afternoon, included two close-up snapshots of the 21-year-old showing off her naturally curly blond hair in exquisite detail.

Moreover, her open jacket and the plunging tank top she wore beneath it allowed her ample bosom to be prominently displayed for her 5.4 million followers to enjoy in both of the uploaded photos.

In the caption, Keech confessed that she does like her naturally wavy hair, but only for a day or so before she feels compelled to straighten it. Nevertheless, her fans were effusive in their praise for her look in the slideshow, taking to the comments section in multitudes to publicly swoon over the sensuous share. As of this writing, nearly 1,000 comments had been left in the thread.

“Leave your hair alone!!! It looks great!!!” demanded one admirer, who emphasized their approval with multiple fire emoji.

“You are amazing and beautiful,” wrote a second supporter.

“You inspire me so much you are my queen.”

“STOP STRAIGHTENING IT YOU CRAZY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OMG STOP k bye,” wrote another impassioned fan of the look.

“What on earth,” exclaimed a fourth follower.

“I fell in love with you.”

Fans further engaged with Keech’s post by double-tapping it at a breakneck pace. In just two hours after going live, it had amassed more than 280,000 likes.

In Keech’s first photo, the former Hype House member squinted while her green eyes remained locked to the camera’s lens. Her right eye was partially obscured as several curled strands of her flowing, golden-colored mane covered her face. Meanwhile, her glossy, coral-hued lips were pressed together.

Her muted, yellow jacket was falling off of her left shoulder as it remained unzipped and open in the front. At the bottom center of the frame, the black tank top gave way to a generous display of her famously perky bust line. The divide between her breasts was captured with a high level of detail as individual pores seemed to be visible on her chest.

The second shot was similar to the first with a few, notable exceptions. Keech’s head had been tilted slightly more to her left and her eyes were open slightly wider, which revealed more of her impressive irises. Furthermore, she had parted her pouty lips, which only served to enhance her seductive smolder.

In late November, Keech was perhaps even more alluring in a post that found her scantily clad and posing beside a classic Chevrolet Chevelle.