Cindy Prado Spreads Legs And Caresses Her Bare Thighs In Scintillating Video Update

Cindy Prado takes a mirror selfie in white corset.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Model Cindy Prado sizzled in her most recent Instagram post, piquing the interest of her 1.8 million followers. The stunning blonde confirmed in the caption that the quick video was a behind-the-scenes sneak peek from a photo shoot.

Cindy wore a strapless corset dress featuring an orange-red tie-dye fabric with deep maroon accents. It featured seamed demi-cups that exposed plenty of her rounded assets, and a tight bodice constructed from a row of vertical panels.

She pulled the short skirt further up over her spread-out thighs, and let the center part drape between her legs. In her sitting pose, it was difficult to discern what the rest of the garment looked like, but there was a ruched detailing that culminated at the inside of her left hip.

Cindy accessorized with thick gold hoops, a gold band around her left ring finger, and a matching choker with a delicate snake-chain interwoven and a thicker piece featuring metal oval links strung together.

Her long tresses were parted in the center and flowed over her shoulders in loose waves. In a close-up portion, Cindy raised her arms and ran her fingers through her hair, stopping to pose with her hands at either side of the crown of her head.

She sat on the edge of a large cement patio that encircled the empty swimming pool behind her, next to a tropical bush with brightly-colored leaves that matched the hue of her outfit.

The video showed the Miami, Florida, native slowly undulating as she posed, keeping up constant little movements that maximized the variety of final images after the shoot.

Cindy kept her legs spread, and seductively grazed her bare thighs with her palms while tipping her head back and gazing at the camera with smoldering eyes.

Rows of tall palm trees lined either side of an elegant, three-story building completely covered in immaculately manicured ivy, with the exception of the narrow windows and double balcony doors.

Cindy used the track “Devil Eyes” by the indie band Hippie Sabotage for the musical accompaniment to the video, which was also embellished with a sparkle filter that added a scintillating glitter to the entire scene.

Cindy’s Instagram followers loved the post, and couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous appearance. In the first hour after it was uploaded, the share had garnered over 7,400 likes and lots of adoring comments.

“Yassss. Such a LOOK,” one fan declared.

“OH MY GOD,” a second person exclaimed.