December 4, 2020
Bella Hadid Shows Off Perky Assets In Lacy, Black Bra

Runway superstar and social media maven Bella Hadid packed a serious amount of sizzle into a very short span of time with her latest Instagram update. The video post, which appeared on her perpetually trending timeline on Friday afternoon, showed the 24-year-old owning the frame in a hooded, black sweater jacket that was unzipped to reveal her famously perky assets in a lacy bra.

Hadid further enthralled her nearly 36 million followers on the platform by offering an inviting wink as the camera slowly panned over her face and upper body in the reel.

The 2016 Model of the Year captioned the video by making reference to someone reminding her of her dreams. In the meantime, she appeared to have done exactly that for her adoring masses, who took to the comments section in multitudes to publicly express their affinity for the provocative presentation.

"Strong and beautiful," appraised one particularly smitten commenter. "The new woman of today and the future."

"You rlly stand by ur name huh," wrote another admirer. "BELLA indeed."

"She's even more beautiful on the inside," opined a third fan.

"The way everyone just deada** stopped in their tracks rn because we're so blinded by your beauty," commented a fourth follower.

Within an hour of going live, Hadid's post had inspired nearly 3,000 replies. Moreover, it had racked up well over 900,000 views.

Hadid looked to be sitting in an upholstered seat throughout the five-second clip with her aquamarine-colored eyes glinting in the light as they remained locked onto the camera. Her raven-hued hair gave off a similar shine as it had been pulled back tightly over her ears. Her cheeks were exceedingly rosy in the footage while her full lips were covered with a semi-glossy, mauve-colored lipstick.

The model was completely still for a beat at the beginning of the reel before the device that documented her began to pan downward. Just below her dainty neck, which was adorned with several gold necklaces and chains, her jacket opened up to her slender, yet prominent bust and the skimpy lace garment that struggled to contain it.

The sweeping pan allowed for a quick viewing of her modest cleavage.

After reaching her bosom, the camera moved upward while Hadid shifted her head from a neutral position to her left. Just then, she offered a suggestive wink while her lips appeared to quiver due to a video effect or abnormality.

In early November, another sexy share showed Hadid going out to celebrate the results of the U.S. presidential election in a tiny crop top that flaunted her fit abs.