Bruna Rangel Lima Puts Her Pert Booty On Display In A White Thong Bikini

Bruna Rangel Lima raised temperatures among her 4.2 million Instagram followers with a pair of spicy snapshots on Friday. The hottie posed while wearing a bikini from her own line of swimwear and her fans wasted no time in letting her know how much they loved the look.

The model chose a plain white set that seemed to have popped up in another recent set of photos on her Instagram page. These fresh shots showed new angles and the initial snapshot highlighted her peachy posterior.

The first photo showed the Brazilian native sprawled across a wide, blue lounge. She was on an outdoor patio and this spot was mostly shaded. A blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds could be seen above the building.

Bruna looked at the camera with a slight smile on her face. Her brown tresses were styled with a middle part and the long locks were swept around her neck to cascade over her far shoulder.

She braced herself on her elbows, holding her torso up a bit. She laid on her stomach and had her legs slightly bent at the knee behind her. She angled herself to ensure that the camera captured her pert booty.

Bruna noted that the bikini was from her Brukinis line. The thong cut bottoms had a thin waistband that sat high on her hips. The swimwear combination perfectly highlighted the stunner's slender frame and curvy backside.

The second photo featured Bruna sitting on the lounge chair, leaning back with her straightened arms bracing her. She seemed to have her eyes closed as she tilted her head up a touch.

She stretched her legs out in front of her, bending both slightly. A bit of sideboob could be seen, and her flat tummy looked fabulous as well.

In just an hour, about 40,000 likes and 400 comments poured in from Bruna's fans.

"The best view I've seen today," one noted.

"How always the most dazzling and stunning and sensual and beautiful," another pondered.

"I truly enjoy you everyday from across the world. You share an incredible gift babes!" a third user raved.

"Beautiful And Unique As Always," someone else wrote.

The pair of snaps featuring Bruna wearing this same set a few days ago garnered about 110,000 likes and 935 comments. It seems that the Brazilian beauty's new duo of photos highlighting her killer figure from a couple of different angles is easily on pace to match or perhaps exceed that earlier level of fan engagement.