Teacher And 13-Year-Old Female Student Brawl In Oakland Classroom [Video]

Oakland, CA – A male substitute teacher and an eighth grader got into a punching-and-kicking brawl in an Alliance Academy classroom.

As usual, the episode was captured on cell phone video and posted to the internet.

The situation in the middle school got out of control as the substitute tried to kick the female student of the class. He told her “Get your butt out of here” and tried to shut the door of the room. When they started fighting, the teacher — perhaps naively by today’s low standards — told the girl “you don’t hit a teacher.” He is also shown picking up a desk to defend himself against her. The student seems to be saying “you hit me first” although the audio isn’t completely clear.

Alliance Academy, which has a constant turnover in its teaching staff, evidently has a lot of problems. “Since the beginning of the school year, the Oakland Unified School District has expelled five students from Alliance Academy and police have responded to the campus at least 13 times. The district admitted Thursday that is a high number for the small campus, which has around 360 children ages 10-13.” Students allegedly use drugs and alcohol openly, and fights are commonplace.

A school district spokesperson blamed the lack of stability at the school on the high teacher turnover rate which results in students acting out and behaving in a disrespectful manner. Additional administrators have been sent into the troubled school along with one additional security guard. In other words, the Unified School District appears to lack unity.

Earlier this month, police arrested a student who attends the school in connection with the fatal shooting of an off-duty paramedic.

The substitute teacher shown in the video (see embed below) was not disciplined. The student reportedly no longer attends Alliance Academy.

In Stockton, California, a female student and a female teacher recently got into a violent scuffle over confiscated makeup and a cell phone, with the footage uploaded to Facebook.

According to FBI statistics, Oakland is the fourth most dangerous city in America.

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