Halsey Provocatively Sticks Her Tongue Out & Takes A Photo Of Herself To Celebrate ‘Elf Season’

Halsey showed off her holiday spirit with a whimsical selfie.

Halsey attends the 53rd annual CMA Awards at the Music City Center
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Halsey showed off her holiday spirit with a whimsical selfie.

On Thursday, December 3, Halsey marked the start of “elf season” by snapping a saucy close-up selfie that showed her looking nice and cozy inside a car.

Halsey, 26, held her camera near her flawless face to take the shot that stunned many of her 22.2 million followers. She captured herself from the shoulders up, which revealed a glimpse of her wintry attire. “The Other Girl” songstress opted to wear a tan turtleneck sweater with a classic ribbed design. The piece was crafted out of yarn with fuzzy fibers that were visible on the shoulders.

Halsey accessorized the warm top with gold jewelry. She wore two layered necklaces of different lengths, both of which appeared to include pendants. However, one of the charms was hidden in a fold of her sweater, and the other was just out of the image’s frame. In her left ear, she wore a star-shaped stud and a tiny hoop earring. She added a little extra sparkle — along with a dash of whimsy — to her entire pic by using a sparkle filter on it.

The singer shaved her head recently, and she has experimented with the edgy look by dyeing her barely there hair an array of bright colors. In her latest visual update, her buzz cut had a hint of pink in it.

Halsey posed provocatively by opening her plump pout wide and placing the tip of her tongue against the front of her top teeth. At the same time, she gave the camera a flirty wink. Her open hazel eye was fixed on the lens. Her skin looked smooth and dewy, and a smattering of freckles could be seen around her dainty button nose.

She took her pic while sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with charcoal leather upholstery. In addition to seemingly comparing herself to an elf in her post’s caption, she gave it a festive touch with an evergreen emoji.

The “Without Me” hitmaker’s followers rewarded her radiant selfie with over 690,000 likes and thousands of messages. Many of the latter were remarks about her attractiveness.

“Be my elf on the shelf,” begged one fan in the comments section.

“Ok baldsey you go queen,” wrote another admirer.

“As always, you slay,” read a third response.

“You are magical,” declared a fourth devotee.

Halsey was lavished with similar praise when she rocked a vivid shade of a color that’s often associated with the holiday season. As reported by The Inquisitr, she wore a green sweater cardigan that splendidly complemented her verdant dye job while posing for a sultry set of photos.