Olivia Mathers Ditches Her Top While Playing With Shadows For Artsy Photo Op

Olivia Mathers snaps a selfie.
Olivia Mathers / Instagram

Olivia Mathers gave her 585,000 Instagram followers something to talk about this week when she shared a few snaps from a recent photo shoot in which she showed some serious skin.

The double-pic post kicked off with a shot of the model sitting on top of a dirty white sheet with her legs spread apart and bent at the knee. She rested her head in her hand and gazed off into the distance with a sultry stare.

The second image captured her in a similar position, though her eyes were averted toward the camera, which a tag indicated was handled by Melbourne-based photographer Kerri McAuley. Both photos were dimly lit, as Olivia noted in the caption that they incorporated some “shadow play” into the photo op that gave it an artsy vibe.

As for her look in the shots, Olivia went scantily clad as she rocked a pair of sheer stockings that fit her like a glove. The hose clung tightly to every inch of her lower half, defining her lean legs while also highlighting her killer cures. They also had a high-rise waistband that helped to accentuate her trim waist and slender frame.

The Aussie hottie wore a pair of nude panties underneath, though they could hardly be seen as she worked the camera. The undergarment boasted a cheeky cut that offered a teasing glimpse at her derriere, while its thick waistband helped to further emphasize her flat tummy.

Olivia took her look to the next level as she went topless and braless, adding even more heat to the scorching-hot scene. She wrapped one arm around her bare chest in an effort to cover up so as not to violate any of Instagram’s strict no-nudity guidelines, though an ample amount of cleavage and underboob were still very much on display.

Olivia’s followers hardly seemed bothered by her NSFW look, as many flocked to the comments section to shower her with praise.

“What a beautiful way to start my day with your face, I just adooooore you,” one person wrote.

“Just fell off my seat, wowwee,” quipped another fan.

“Absolutely stunning, beautiful, and very sexy,” a third follower gushed.

“Just perfect and gorgeous..xoxo..” added a fourth admirer.

The upload has also racked up more than 18,000 likes after just three hours of going live.

Olivia has been indulging her fans in a number of steamy Instagram updates lately. Earlier this week, she brought the heat as she flaunted her smoking-hot bod in a sexy black string bikini. The swimwear look proved to be another major hit, amassing over 31,000 likes and 192 comments to date.