'The View' Hosts Sara Haines & Sunny Hostin Delight Fans With Surprise Low-Key Look

Lucille Barilla

The View hosts Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin delighted fans with a surprise low-key fashion look of sweatpants and slippers on the December 3 episode. The two women, who were live on camera, showed off their hidden casual wear to fellow co-hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ana Navarro, who chuckled in delight. The moment was captured on the show's Instagram page, where Sara stood and opened up a large blanket, which covered a pair of tie-dyed pink sweatpants and low-cut comfy boots.

Sara stood up from her seat during the panel discussion and said she wanted her friends to see a full-body shot.

"This is what I look like on-set," she said, as she turned to display her body.

She opened up a large, brown blanket and revealed the low-key look. She then told her co-hosts that things are not the same as they used to be on the ABC set.

Viewers would have never known that the lovely blond newswoman was wearing this type of comfy clothing, since the camera only captured her from the waist up as she participated in the discussions of the day on The View. Sara looked lovely in a brown, leather-look top which had a collar and a series of buttons down the front. Her hair was pulled back from her face and styled in braids fixed close to her scalp.

Sunny laughed and quickly raised her own blanket, which covered her legs, and displayed her sweatpants and slippers.

"There you have it. I'm not actually going to stand up because I'm not wearing any underwear," Whoopi joked in response.

This quip resulted in uproarious laughter from the women as the show cut away to commercial.

Fans of The View loved the admission and took to the comments section of the post to share their own opinions on Sara's quick change.

"I love Sara, she brings so much joy to the table," penned one viewer.

"This segment was hilarious. I know exactly how you feel," claimed a second fan.

"Sarah is so pretty and young. She can wear anything and pull it off. My style is more like Whoopi's," wrote a third Instagram follower.

"This part made me laugh so much. Way to go, Sara and Sunny," remarked a fourth user.