‘Watch Dogs’: Ubisoft Announces Release Date

Ubisoft has announced a release date for Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft, the developer who brought us the ever famous Assassin’s Creed titles, has announced a release date for Watch Dogs, their latest original killer IP. Watch Dogs is an open world action-adventure game set in a futuristic Chicago, where everything is controlled by technology. The hero is a man named Aiden Pierce who hacks into everything around him to gain that control, or destroy it. He is an assassin, who steals information and uses it to find his targets and occasionally rob them blind without them even knowing it.

The story of Watch Dogs is said to surround a blackout in 2003, apparently the result of a hacker. Thus, the CtOS (Central Operating System) was created to prevent it from happening again. Aiden Pierce is a highly skilled hacker who uses his wits and his fists to make his way through the alternate reality of Chicago.

Watch Dogs is set to be released in North America on November 19 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC, with the European release set for November 22. Watch Dogs is also being planned for the next generation consoles, so be ready for something groundbreaking.

Also expected to be utilized, at least in next generation consoles, is interaction with your portable devices, thus adding a new level of “hacking” to the game’s high-tech scenario.

Watch Dogs is being planned for sale in four different editions, allowing a variety of physical and digital options. The versions planned are the Dedsec Edition, the Vigilante Edition, the Uplay Exclusive Edition and the Special Edition.

We imagine that further down the line, there will be a version that includes the available DLC on the disc with the patched game. What the different editions entail is still unknown, but Ubisoft should reveal what they are closer to release.

Are you excited about the release of Watch Dogs in November?