Camila Bernal Gets Sassy In A Snakeskin-Print Thong Bikini That Leaves Little To The Imagination

Camila flaunted her figure while a Black Eyed Peas song played.

Model Camila Bernal takes a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Camila flaunted her figure while a Black Eyed Peas song played.

On Thursday, December 3, Camila Bernal showed off her backside and her saucy side in a new Instagram video.

The curvaceous model tantalized her viewers by rocking a teeny string bikini in the reel. She was filmed outdoors in a serene setting where she was surrounded by a variety of different trees and plenty of green grass. The proliferation of palm trees near the end of the upload was indicative of a tropical locale.

While Camila was dressed in attire appropriate for sunbathing, most of her footage was filmed in the shade. She looked confident and sexy in a bold yellow bathing suit that featured a snakeskin-print pattern. The two-piece’s base color popped against her sun-kissed skin. Her adjustable top boasted halter ties and triangle cups that hugged her gravity-defying upper assets in a flattering fashion. Her bottoms were a revealing thong that left almost none of her round booty to the imagination. The waistline of the garment’s front piece hit a few inches below her navel, while the thin elasticized sides stretched up a bit higher to encircle her shapely hips.

She completed her skimpy ensemble with a pair of white tube socks and white sneakers with highlighter-yellow accents on the tips of the toes. Her brunette hair was styled in a sleek blowout that blew around a bit in the breeze.

Camila gave the camera plenty of attitude as her hourglass figure was filmed from multiple different angles. The Black Eyed Peas song “Pump It” played over her footage, and she timed her movements to the music. She began her performance by tossing her hair and running her hands down the sides of her beautiful body. She swiped one hand to the side, and the camera followed the movement. The reel then cut to a closer shot of the model standing in a different location. She was recorded from a lower angle while she raised her arm over her head and lip-synced along with a snippet of the song.

For the next shot, her videographer moved down even closer to the ground and aimed the lens up at her mostly bare derriere. She turned around and kicked one foot toward the lens, then she was shown walking out from behind the thick trunk of a palm tree. She stepped high as she approached the camera, and she pretended to slap it with her hand to conclude her performance.

Camila’s post was a smash hit with her followers, who left their favorable reviews in the comments section.

“So stunning,” wrote one fan.

“Looks like fun sexy,” another admirer chimed in.

“Amazing butt cheeks,” opined a third admirer.