'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Lily Faces Extreme Danger

Rachel Dillin

New The Young and the Restless spoilers preview that Lily makes a shocking accusation against Victor after Billy is arrested for shooting Chance. Y&R co-executive producer and head writer Josh Griffith recently teased the bombshell storyline to Soap Opera Digest.

Lily (Christel Khalil) believes Billy (Jason Thompson) is innocent, and she jumps straight into trying to help him after Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) arrests him. Right away, Lily calls Victor (Eric Braeden) for a meeting at Chancellor Communications. Lily hopes that Victor isn't involved in setting up her very new romantic partner for trying to shoot Adam (Mark Grossman) and accidentally hitting Chance (Donny Boaz). However, she realizes that he has a motive to want to put away his grandchildren's dad, given the recent Newman family exposé he orchestrated combined with their checkered past.

Lily wants to believe that Victor would never do that to the father of Victoria's (Amelia Heinle) children, but sometimes The Mustache pulls things off without anybody else knowing. Because of his past successes and deep connections, he may feel he can get away with this. If Victoria ever found out, she'd be furious, but the Newman patriarch believes he can do whatever he wants and still have his family when the chips are down. Lily wants to be sure, so she confronts him.

"Victor is not shy about still being angry with Billy for his expose about the Newmans. Victor respects Lily's loyalty and integrity. He stands his ground that he didn't frame Billy but insists that doesn't mean that Billy is innocent," explained Griffith.

Even though he vehemently denies being involved in the setup, she still feels that somebody is working to make Billy look guilty. Her instincts warn her that Victor has the means to attempt something this major.

"Lily knows deep down that if Victor did set Billy up, it would be done without a trace. Lily is quickly connecting the dots that someone with a score to settle is framing Billy. Lily will cross the line to help Billy and soon finds herself in a very dangerous situation," Griffith teased.

However, others may have been angry enough at both Billy and Adam to try to pull off this major setup. Chief among them is Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). She was furious at Adam, and she'd just escaped from the kidnapping he arranged. She also hated what the article did to her son, Connor (Judah Mackey), so it's easy to see why Chelsea may have tried to get rid of both of them with one devious deed.

Whoever is behind it, it looks like Neil Winters' (Kristoff St. John) daughter could find herself in danger.