Supermodel Elle Macpherson, 56, Strips Off Her Shirt To Reveal Incredible Physique

Shawna Cory

Elle "The Body" Macpherson slayed her 548,000 Instagram followers on Thursday with a stunning pair of images that proved not much has changed since she acquired the nickname early in her modeling career.

Elle credited the brand Lois Jeans for a portion of her attire, but all the focus was on the lithe blonde's impressive and half-dressed figure.

In the first image, she stood in a room seemingly illuminated only by sunshine streaming through windows behind her and at one side. A gauzy white curtain diffused the backlight, creating a warm, even glow that illuminated the dim room.

Elle raised both arms straight into the air and was captured in the process of tugging a white T-shirt over her head, which exposed her bare, sculpted midriff. A vivid light traced the left side of her body, accentuating the curve of her slender hips in comparison to her waist.

Much of her long hair was still entwined in the neck of the shirt at the crown of her head, but some of the ends fanned out behind her left arm, shimmering as they fell. A long tendril draped across her forehead and looped in a separate section against her cheek.

The actress and television host wore a black underwire bra with her jeans, which featured a dark wash and a relaxed fit. The loose waistband was slung low around her hips, maximizing the view of her muscular torso.

She accessorized with a chunky, chain-linked choker and gold hoop earrings.

Elle gazed off-camera with a serene expression. Her direct gaze indicated she was staring into a mirror, which was visible in the subsequent photo.

The photo looked almost like a reverse of the one prior – Elle raised her arms and slipped them into the long sleeves of a black sweatshirt. In her reflection, her eyes peeked through the neck of the shirt as she pulled it over her head.

Her golden tresses fell in messy waves halfway down her back. She cocked her hips to the right, and the alluring dimples of Venus on either side of her spine were visible just above her denim pants.

Elle credited New York-based photographer Kat Irlin for the images.