‘Scandal’ Actor Scott Foley Says He Gets A Lot Of ‘Heat’ On Twitter

Scandal fans can be a bit obsessed when it comes to their favorite star-crossed couple, and Scott Foley is finding that out firsthand.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum, who currently plays Capt. Jake Ballard on Shonda Rhimes’ latest hit series, says he gets a lot of flack from fans of President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), who are affectionately referred to as “Olitz.” Foley was cast back in January for a “major arc” for the second half of the season, which takes place 10 months after the Defiance and assassination attempt storylines were wrapped up.

“I get a lot of heat and feedback on Twitter,” Foley says. “Anything that comes in between Olivia and Fitz [disturbs fans]. And my character comes between them. I am seen as the bad guy in their eyes, but I don’t know how bad he is.”

Fitz tasks Jake with running surveillance on Olivia after he learns the truth about how he “won” the election. Fitz tells Jake that Olivia isn’t what she seems to be, and that she isn’t a good person. At first, Jake is just “following orders,” but he slowly begins to fall for Olivia.

“Maybe some personal feelings got in the way,” Foley says. “But who can blame him? She is gorgeous.”

But those feelings may end up spelling trouble for Jake if Fitz finds out that he is mixing business with pleasure.

“I can only imagine what that would look like. Hypothetically, it would be ugly,” Foley told The Hollywood Reporter last month. “Anytime you trust somebody and they betray your trust, the spiral you go through and the questions that you have — not only about the reality of what’s happening but also about yourself and the trust you put in someone — is catastrophic. Should Fitz find out about Jake and Olivia, the outcome would be explosive. That being said, I have no idea what happens when Fitz finds out about Jake!”

With the Scandal season finale just around the corner, and The Goodwin Games series premiere coming up soon, could these last two episodes be the last fans see of Jake? Foley says he has no clue and that, true to Rhimes’ usual secrecy with her plots, anything could happen.

“I think Shonda has tricks up her sleeves,” Foley said.

Scandal fans, what do you think will happen if and when Fitz finds out about Olivia and Jake?