Gabby Epstein Goes Topless While Entering A Bathtub In Vintage-Filtered Slideshow

Australian model and Instagram star Gabby Epstein attends the HiSmileTooth Whitening Party in 2018.
Jono Searle / Getty Images

Aussie model Gabby Epstein gave off distinct throwback vibes with her latest photo update. The post, which appeared on her timeline on Thursday afternoon, featured multiple sexy snaps of the 26-year-old preparing for a bath in little more than a lacy pair of panties. It has, however, since been deleted.

The allure of the slideshow was aided in no small part by a vintage filter that added an artful appearance of film grain to each of the uploaded photos.

Epstein captioned the post by revealing that the pictorial was the second in a series of steamy bath-time collections. She further directed her 2.4 million followers to her web presence with an influencer and social media marketing agency to see more of her sinuous frame and enticing assets.

In the meantime, her admirers weren’t shy about showing their love for the latest offering. Within just a few minutes of its reappearance, the share was cruising toward the 10,000-like mark. The comments section was also filled with shout-outs for the sensuous showing.

“Absolutely in love with this vibe,” one enamored commenter wrote.

“RUB A DUB DUB,” a second follower exclaimed. “@gabbyepstein N THE TUB!!! DAMN”

“These are beautiful, arty,” a third fan declared. “Do more of these please, they are not so predictable. Can I run the water for you, lather your back perhaps?”

“The most beautiful woman on Instagram,” another avid supporter added.

The first snap in the spread showed Epstein leaning toward a dark-colored faucet on a plaster-textured wall. Most of the Gold Coast native’s taut body was shrouded in shadow, with a window to her immediate right seemingly providing the only light in the shot. However, the strands of her blond hair were nonetheless scintillating and the impressively curved outline of her body was well evidenced.

Epstein’s frame was better illuminated in both the second and third slides, as the angle of the camera allowed more of the window’s light to enter into the frame. Both featured side to back-view captures in which her cheeky side and the lacy thong that adorned it could be seen in greater detail. She also held a small towel against her prominent bustline.

Her facial features were also visible — in one of the pictures, she looked directly at the camera with a smoldering expression.

The final two shots showed Epstein in the bath itself as she leaned forward to touch the water coming out of the faucet with her fingers. One of those shots put a clear spotlight on her bodacious booty as she sat on the edge of the tub.

Earlier in the week, Epstein was equally as impressive in a post where she flaunted her sculpted booty in a cheeky bikini.