Sharon Osbourne Shares A Sweet Moment With Ozzy In Celebration Of His 72nd Birthday

Shawna Cory

Sharon Osbourne shared a lovely photo of herself embracing husband Ozzy Osbourne in celebration of his 72nd birthday on Thursday, December 3, delighting her 995,000 Instagram followers. The post garnered over 33,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Sharon expressed her love for "The Prince of Darkness" in the caption and detailed the significant anniversaries of their time in one another's lives — which is impressively over half a century. The legendary rock star and his spunky manager have demonstrated an adorable level of commitment during their decades of marriage, which was documented in the early 2000s on their MTV reality television show, The Osbournes.

Sharon was dressed in a classic white button-down shirt featuring a tailored fit, which she wore untucked from her waistband. Her short hair was covered with a petite black bucket hat with the front brim flipped up, beneath which a tiny glimpse of her side-swept bangs was visible.

Her other accessories included huge pearl earrings, a gold watch, a series of gold bracelets, and multiple bands on the fingers of both hands. Her nails were painted a bright crimson.

Sharon stood behind Ozzy in the photo, who appeared to be sitting, and leaned over his left shoulder to place a gentle kiss high on his cheek. Her eyes were closed, and she lovingly wrapped her hands around his upper arms.

Ozzy's eyes were also closed, revealing his standard dark-lined lids, and he turned his head toward his wife to receive the smooch. He had a content expression and appeared to almost unconsciously and imperceptibly purse his lips in a return kissing motion.

His shoulder-length, casually layered hair was worn loose. Most of it was still dyed black, though its intensity has faded over time, with the exception of some silvery-white streaks growing in several inches from the roots.

"The Godfather of Heavy Metal" wore a black shirt and matching coat featuring bright red lapels that were embellished on one side with two sparkling black-and-white pinned pendants. Six gold crosses on varied-length chains were draped around his neck.

Sharon's Instagram supporters flooded the comments section with love for the couple, as well as birthday wishes for her beloved.

"THE ULTIMATE COUPLE," one fan declared.

"Wow, nice picture too. Happy birthday Ozzy," a second person praised.

"Beautiful," a third follower observed.