Niece Waidhofer Showcases Back Dimples, Curvy Figure In Sultry New Snap

Model Niece Waidhofer poses for a selfie for Instagram.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Model and social media maven Niece Waidhofer has once again offered proof that the suggestion of something steamy can be just as alluring as a full-on show. On Thursday afternoon, the 30-year-old updated her popular timeline on Instagram with a sultry snap that found her lying tummy-down in bed.

While her normally prominent bustline was draped with a tight, white top and her pert posterior was only partially visible on the upper end, her sinuous physique and back dimples still managed to give her 2.3 million followers something to salivate over.

Waidhofer captioned the share by relaying a well-known lyric from rocker Marilyn Manson that stated one wasn’t deserving of someone’s back dimples if they couldn’t love that person when they have “the occasional back pimple.”

In turn, the cosplayer and Yandy ambassador was shown a significant amount of love for the post, which was double-tapped to the 15,000-like mark and beyond in just 25 minutes. Meanwhile, admirers had also descended upon the comments section en masse to publicly swoon over the uploaded picture.

“Mmmmm soooo cute and I bet even your occasional pimple is cute too,” wrote one smitten user.

“Want to go on a date?” asked a second supporter. “Just trying lol.”

“Always beautiful and creative,” gushed a third follower. “I love you so much.”

“Pretty sure you could not have bathed for 3 weeks, walked through a trash dump the whole time, and you’d still be one of the most beautiful women on earth,” proclaimed another admirer.

The majority of the photo frame was exceedingly bright as white bed covers and Waidhofer’s cream-colored skin filled the frame. The only real contrast came in the form of the model’s dark eyes and raven-colored mane.

Waidhofer was lying on her stomach with one arm crossed underneath her while she rested her head against the opposite forearm. Her dark brunette locks blanketed her neck, chest and arms as she did so. Meanwhile, her plump lips curled into a sweet smile as she stared away from the camera’s lens.

The Texas product’s top may have obscured her most intimate areas, but it was made of an ultra-thin material and appeared to cover little beyond her upper midsection and lower bust. As a result, the small of her back was prominently displayed on the left side of the photo. It was there that the aforementioned dimples could be seen as her spine transitioned with sharp curvature into her protruding posterior.

In late November, Waidhofer also managed to bring the sizzle with a full-motion update in which she played the part of a sexy accountant.