December 3, 2020
Carmen Electra, 48, Proves She's Ageless In Stunning Post Showing Off Her Skin

Carmen Electra treated her 1.2 million Instagram followers to a stunning new post showcasing her skin from 1997 through 2020, and she revealed some of the secrets to how she's managed to keep herself looking truly ageless.

The 48-year-old actress shared a collage of four photos of herself -- one from 1997, 2013, 2017, and 2020. In each picture, Carmen was absolutely stunning, and her skin looked even better in the later images than the earlier ones.

The first photo showed a fresh-faced Carmen during her Baywatch days in 1997. She had a big toothy smile, and her highlighted layered hair framed her face and fell down her back from a teased center part.

For the next picture, Carmen looked Old Hollywood glam in 2013. She wore her locks in curls which cascaded over one shoulder from a deep side part. Her blue eyes popped, and her skin was flawless in the shot. She had on a see-through lacy top and a sparkly dangling earring.

The third frame featured Carmen in 2017. She styled her hair in soft ringlets, and it tumbled over her shoulders in an effortless style. She wore a simple black turtleneck and accessorized with thick gold hoop earrings. Again, her complexion looked dewy and youthful in the glamorous photograph.

For 2020, Carmen's stylish hairdo fell stick straight over her shoulders. Her outfit was shiny and red, and her long manicure matched. She wore a small ring on her finger. Again, her face was impeccable.

Carmen noted that her mother was her skincare teacher, and she credited that early foundation with helping her keep herself looking gorgeous throughout the decades. The actress' fans showed her a lot of love for the variety of looks, with more than 20,400 hitting the "like" button, and at least 760 followers took the time to leave a positive comment.

"You look so young and hotter in 2020, Carmen. You are simply stunning," enthused one fan, who used a flame and a heart to complete the reply.

"Each one is spectacular. It is truly amazing how you never seem to age. You are as hot now as you were more than two decades ago," a second follower declared, including roses and flames.

"Better by the year, Carmen. You go, girl. You're forever gorgeous. I couldn't love you any more than I do right now," gushed a third Instagram user, who added a blushing smiley.

"I'm not sure how old you are now, but if I look as good as you when I'm older I'll be happy," a fourth devotee claimed, adding a red heart-eye emoji.