Study Shows Donald Trump Is The Most Lusted After Male Celeb Over 60

Donald Trump pointing during a press conference.
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Donald Trump has developed a very different kind of appeal across the pond, a new study shows.

The website Datingroo, which conducts studies and analysis of dating and relationship-related topics, published a study that determined which older celebrities get the most U.K. internet searches for images of them in the buff. It found that among male celebrities over the age of 60, Trump is in first place by a wide margin, with some racy searches like “shirtless” showing up more than five times as much as the next-highest celebrity – music and television mogul Simon Cowell. There were close to 5,000 of these queries for Trump, with just 870 for Cowell.

Datingroo noted that the top older celebrity search overall was for Helen Mirren, who was the subject of more than 6,700 racy searches. She was followed by Madonna, Cher, and Dolly Parton. Trump was the only male celeb to reach the top five overall, and one of only three to make the top 10. He and Cowell were joined by actor Bruce Willis, who was the 10th most lusted-after celebrity with just over 400 queries for images of him in the buff.

Donald Trump smiles at a White House event.
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The report suggested that part of the interest in Trump could come from a viral fake, a supposedly “leaked” image showing him in a spray tanning booth.

This is not the first study to find that Trump can inspire some lustful feelings in his followers. Another one conducted in 2016 by pollsters in Pittsburgh talked to so-called “Walmart moms” and found that the then-presidential candidate drew some very positive comparisons. As GQ’s U.K. site noted, the women were asked which car they would compare Trump to and responses included “Ferrari,” “Porsche,” and a “muscle car.” When asked to compare him to an animal, the women picked “bulldog” and “lion.”

His tenacious spirit — something that likely gave him trouble during his nearly four years in the White House — was seen by many as a positive attribute, the survey found. It also found that the respondents polled were dismissive of criticism that Trump was unfairly hard on women, including disparaging remarks about the wife of fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz and news anchor Megyn Kelly.

Instead, it found that the respondents liked that Trump was willing to stand up to others and didn’t abide by other political norms.

“These Moms praised him as someone who speaks his mind, stands his ground, and is refreshingly politically incorrect,” the researchers noted.