Yuliett Torres Kneels On Kitchen Counter While Eating Pizza And Showing Off Her Pert Derriere

Yuliett Torres takes a selfie
Yuliett Torres / Instagram

Instagram model and actress Yuliett Torres delighted her 7.9 million followers with her latest racy update. The post, which went live on Tuesday, December 1, showed the celebrity kneeling on a countertop while she enjoyed a slice of pizza.

In the caption, she declared that eating pizza occasionally doesn’t hurt anyone. However, for her legions of supporters, their concentration was honed in on the fact that the model was flaunting her buns in her revealing outfit rather than noticing what she was eating.

Yuliett wore a pale pink ruched crop top that could barely be seen under her thick mop of dark curls cascading down over her shoulders and back. The clothing had been pulled up and plenty of her underboob was on display as a result of this.

She teamed this with a white-patterned thong as she knelt on the shiny black kitchen counter and ate her pizza. Yuliett also wore what appeared to be ripped denim jean leggings that clung to her thighs and calves. In front of the model, a single clear-topped shoe could be seen. However, the Instagram sensation was barefoot in the seductive pose.

Yuliett’s followers were quick to respond after she posted the image. Within six hours, the photo had already amassed an impressive 99,600 likes and just over 1,000 comments from her dedicated supporters.

Many people responded in languages other than English. Among these comments, the Spanish term “hermosa” kept cropping up. According to a Google translation, this means “beautiful” in English. “Delíciosa,” or “delicious” was another often-used Portuguese word. However, it was unclear if Yuliett’s fans were referring to her or the tasty treat in her hand.

“You are So beautiful,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“I like the view,” a fan declared cheekily.

“Stunning [and] hot,” a third person wrote, also adding a few fire emoji at the end of their post for further emphasis.

In order to avoid the language barrier, many of her followers opted to use emoji rather than words when it came to conveying how they felt about the image. The most popular were the fire, heart-eyes, and variations of the heart one. However, considering the content, the peach emoji also got a thorough workout as well.

Yuliett is well-known for her racy Instagram updates. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared an update to her social media account that saw her flaunting her buns yet again. Wearing a white bodysuit and matching knee-high socks, the celebrity reclined on a bed in order to show off her enviable booty.