Natalie Roush And Lauren Summer Wear Only Thong Panties And Cozy Up Together In Cheeky Update

Natalie Roush takes a selfie
Natalie Roush / Instagram

Instagram model Natalie Roush took to her social media account on Tuesday afternoon with a cheeky update that thrilled her 978,000 followers. She and model Lauren Summer wore skimpy matching underwear and posed in front of a Christmas tree. The post racked up over 6,000 likes in less than 20 minutes after it was posted.

Natalie inquired in the caption what fans had requested from Santa this year, and said that her Christmas wishes had come true early – in the form of her voluptuous friend.

The two ladies sat on a fluffy white throw rug with their backsides facing the camera. Their bare thighs were interwoven together, with Natalie’s left leg bent over the top of Lauren’s right.

Natalie twisted her upper body and turned to gaze at the camera over her left shoulder, grasping her opposing knee with her right hand to help maintain her posture. She made direct eye contact and slightly parted her lips. Her other arm was extended, and she appeared to place her hand on the ground in front of Lauren’s inner thigh.

Natalie’s deep brown tresses were swept over to one side and framed her face. An ample portion of the side of her breast was visible, squeezed by the back of her arm.

Lauren turned her head to look at Natalie, and most of her profile was blocked by her long auburn hair, which spilled down her back in loose waves.

The provocative positioning also displayed both of their impressive derrieres, which were clad in tiny thong panties edged in red and featuring a festive candy cane pinstripe with a chevron detailing. The garments were not much more than a series of straps that rested high over the ladies’ hips and against the small of their backs.

A bright flash illuminated their killer physiques and smooth, flawless skin. It spilled onto the objects surrounding the outside of the girls, including a red fleece bag with a white top placed on the ground next to a simple table, topped with stylized tree statues. A huge wooden nutcracker peeked out on the right side of the photo.

The Christmas tree sat in the corner of the room, in front of a crimson velvet curtain. It was decorated with a few small Santa hats and plush candy cane shapes, then strung with what appeared to be green and white lights, although they appeared noticeably dim in comparison to the camera flash.