Sadie Robertson Shows Off Growing Baby Bump, Says She Has ‘All I Want For Christmas With These 2’

Sadie Robertson walks the runway at a fashion show
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is getting excited about Christmas, but it seems she feels that she already has the best presents she could hope to receive. On Monday, the motivational speaker shared an adorable pair of photos with her 4 million Instagram followers and they loved the sweet shots and sentiment she shared in the caption.

The new snapshots showed Sadie snuggled up with her husband Christian Huff. They stood outdoors in a spot with a wall of green trees and shrubs behind them. The shrubs were covered in bright red flowers and some fallen leaves could be seen on the grass.

Christian wore a long-sleeved blue sweater and Sadie had on a tan corduroy jacket. In the first photo, she had an arm wrapped around his waist as she leaned into his chest, and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Both had big smiles on their faces as they looked at the camera.

In her caption, Sadie noted that the month of December was about to start. She said that she “legit” already had everything she wanted for Christmas with “these 2.” The second photo revealed exactly what she meant by that.

The first snapshot completely hid Sadie’s baby bump. However, she proudly flaunted her growing belly in the second photo.

The second picture showed Sadie standing with her jacket open and her hands cradled her bump. She was angled to the side, and in this case, Christian stood behind her. He pointed at her belly as she smiled.

This wasn’t the first time Sadie had shared an update on her pregnancy progressing. However, this snap showed a significant change in comparison to most of her previous updates.

She recently posed in a bathing suit to show off her progress, and that was perhaps the first time she truly looked fairly pregnant. The Duck Dynasty star’s followers loved this new update and rushed to the comments section to express their adoration for how adorable she looked.

In less than 18 hours, Sadie’s post received more than 430,000 likes and 500 comments.

“Seriously the most precious!!!! God is so good,” one fan wrote.

“Ugh, you’re going to be the best mom ever,” another noted.

“INSERT MY UGLY HAPPY CRY HERE!!! That was the best caption,” a third user detailed.

“You are glowing!!! Sooo beautiful!” someone else praised.

Sadie’s journey to having her first child hasn’t been without its challenges, as she recently navigated a difficult battle with COVID-19. However, she’s clearly on the other side of that now and seems to be enjoying this stage of her first pregnancy.