Stassie Karanikolaou Rocks Her Favorite Hoodie In Latest Instagram Update

Stassie Karanikolaou poses for a selfie.
Stassie Karanikolaou / Instagram

Stassie Karanikolaou appears to be gearing up for cooler temperatures. In her latest Instagram update, she shared a series of photos which saw her looking comfy in what she called her favorite hoodie.

The popular influencer’s sweatshirt was tie-dyed with shades of turquoise. It fit her body loosely, and it had long sleeves with a row of white roses down each arm. The number appeared to be made of thick cotton, and it featured a roomy pocket on the front. She teamed the shirt with a pair of tiny black shorts.

Stassie was inside when the pictures were taken. She sat on the edge of a beige chair which was situated against a wall near a window.

Stassie styled her hair with a deep side part and down over her shoulders.

The influencer wore her nails painted pink, with dark tips added for a dramatic look.

In the first frame, Stassie faced the camera and sat with one knee bent with her leg off to one side. Her other leg was in front of her and she rested her hands in her lap while she gave the camera a serious look.

Stassie had a little fun in the second snap. She stuck out her tongue while she looked off to one side. Still facing the lens, she placed both hands on her thighs, which were in front of her.

Stassie held the drawstring around the hood in her mouth in the last image. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and flashed a flirty smile for the camera. Her legs were slightly parted and her free hand rested between them. The snap showed off her toned thighs.

In the caption, Stassie tagged the makers of the hoodie.

Judging from the amount of flame emoji in the comments section, Stassie’s followers loved seeing her in the casual outfit.

Hundreds took a moment to give the post some love.

“Stassie always so stunning and a goddess,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Good morning beautiful lovely lady I love you,” noted a second fan.

“This look is too precious,” added one admirer with a red heart emoji.

“Love your vibe Stas,” a fourth follower chimed in.

Last month, she shared a collection of photos that saw her showing off her fabulous figure in a set of intimate apparel which put plenty of skin on display. She struck several poses on a sofa while sporting a cast on her foot.