Rebel Wilson Looks Svelte In Workout Gear, Shares About Her 'Year Of Health'

Ava Bennet

Actress Rebel Wilson surprised her 9.3 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a double update in which she stood outdoors for two stunning shots. The first image was a close up that focused on Rebel's upper body. She wore a vibrant red hoodie with black strings and a striped detail around the cuff. There was a graphic black-and-white print at the neckline as well, bringing attention to her stunning features.

Her blond locks tumbled down her chest in tousled waves, and her bangs grazed over her eyebrows as she gazed off at something in the distance. She placed both hands on her head and had her lips slightly parted with her expression serene as the sun shone down on her, giving her a gorgeous glow.

The second image provided more context for where exactly she was. She appeared to be standing on a grassy hill with a breathtaking mountain view. A large body of water was located behind her, with mountains on the other side stretching out to the sky. The sun was a cloudless blue, and the setting was picturesque.

Rebel paired her colorful hoodie with simple black leggings that clung to her toned legs. The material had a bit of a sheen to it and it fit her like a second skin, showing off her incredible figure.

She paired the duo of shots with a caption in which she filled her followers in on the fact that she'd be going live later today in order to answer any questions about her weight loss and health journey.

Her followers couldn't get enough of the update. The post received over 47,400 likes within two hours of going live. It also racked up 341 comments from her eager audience in the same time span.

"Can't wait! You've been so inspiring," one fan wrote.

"Looking outrageously AWESOME," another follower chimed in, including two flame emoji in the compliment.

"You looked great before and now!" a third fan added.

"You always looked amazing but now you're glowing," yet another commented who loved the happiness radiating off Rebel in the shots.

Earlier this month, as The Inquisitr reported, Rebel shared another snap in what appeared to be a similar location. She stood on a hill overlooking a breathtaking mountain view and looked workout ready in a half-zip top and leggings. Her blond locks were pulled up in a bun and she had a pair of white headphones on.