Michelle Duggar Impresses Fans With Total Number Of Grandchildren She Has So Far

She shared the information in the caption of photos taken when she visited daughter Jinger in California.

Michelle Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting" speaks at the Values Voter Summit on September 17, 2010 in Washington, DC. The annual summit drew nearly two thousand people to advocate for conservative causes.
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She shared the information in the caption of photos taken when she visited daughter Jinger in California.

Michelle Duggar made an announcement of the total number of grandchildren she has thus far. She revealed the number in the caption of a sequence of photos taken when she visited daughter Jinger and her family in California. The total equals the number of times Michelle had given birth to her own children, 19, and there is one more on the way in 2021, which will make 20 grandkids as of February. Michelle has been married to her husband Jim Bob for 36 years. They wed when she was 17 and he was 19.

Josh and Anna have six children. Jill and Derick have two sons. Jessa and Ben have three kids. Jinger and Jeremy have two daughters. Joe and Kendra have two with a third on the way. Joy-Anna and Austin have two sons. Josiah and Lauren have one child. John-David and Abbie have one.

The reveal was made in the caption of a series of three images Michelle posted of herself and 11-year-old daughter Jordyn as they met the newest addition to the Duggar clan for the first time, baby Evangeline, at her daughter’s California home.

Michelle posted a snap of herself as she cuddled the newborn while big sister Felicity looked on. In the second image, Jordyn held the infant, who had on dark bottoms, a plaid shirt, and a band of flowers on her head. The final pic was of Jordyn and Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s husband, as they gave a thumbs-up to the camera.

Felicity’s ensemble matched that of her little sister. In the image where she was seated alongside Michelle, she wore a plaid outfit with a scoop neckline and long sleeves. She had a large red bow secured to the top of her head. Her grandmother wore a dark-colored shirt underneath a denim topper. They sat together on a large, brown leather sofa, and Michelle seemed to be in conversation with her granddaughter when the pic was taken.

Followers of the Duggar clan were impressed that Michelle and Jim Bob had been blessed with as many grandchildren as they have offspring.

“Michelle, I don’t think you aged a bit! Must be all those grandchildren keeping you young,” penned one follower.

“Can’t believe #20 is going to be born in February, so excited,” wrote a second fan.

“Awe Michelle you never age and look just as happy as you did with your first grandchild,” claimed a third Instagram user.

“Y’all are about to be outnumbered by grandchildren,” remarked a fourth fan who followed up their statement with a heart eye emoji.