Madison Woolley Goes Braless Under An Open Blazer On Instagram

Madison Wolley takes a selfie
Madison Wolley / Instagram

Madison Woolley looked stunning in a new Instagram post which showed her posing braless under an open blazer. In the photo posted earlier today, the 22-year-old model and author rocked her sexy attire and posed confidently in a mirror selfie.

The Australian influencer sported a white blazer and was braless underneath the unbuttoned garment, offering a good look at her cleavage. The view also included a glimpse of her flat stomach and abs. The jacket was long and slightly oversized. The sleeves were a bit loose on her arms, but the length was just right.

She wore a pair of high-waisted tailored pants in the same color. The trousers had a snug fit and perfectly highlighted her curves. The thick waistband covered her navel, while the light-colored ensemble was a nice contrast against her tanned skin.

Madison took the snapshot inside her home in Australia. Eager fans of the model have seen the area many times in her Instagram uploads.

The bright natural light coming in from a nearby window illuminated the space and her curves well. She posed against a white wall and stood in the middle of the frame, popping her hip to the side. She pulled the jacket away from her body at the waist, while her left hand was holding her phone. Madison angled the mobile device in front of her shoulder as she gazed into the screen and took the snap.

Madison left her blond hair down, parted in the middle, and styled straight with the ends hanging down her back. She tucked her locks behind her ears to prevent the strands from falling in front of her face. For the occasion, she wore a pair of oversized hoop earrings, a dainty necklace, and a ring.

In the caption, she revealed that her outfit came from her brand, 23rd & Madison, and added a tag to its Instagram page.

Madison’s avid social media followers loved the newest update. As of this writing, it’s amassed more than 9,100 likes and over 60 comments, and those numbers continue to grow by the minute. Some admirers had the urge to compliment the model, flocking to the comments section to let her know how sexy she looked. Countless others were content with using a mix of emoji to express their feelings.

“Wow, girl! You are killing it!” gushed an admirer, adding a flame emoji at the end of the comment.

“Loving your new line, darling!!!! The white boss looking pieces are fab!” wrote another fan.