Nicole Thorne Rocks A Tiny Bikini & Peels An Orange While Chilling At The Beach

Nicole Thorne clicks a selfie.
Nicole Thorne / Instagram

Aussie model Nicole Thorne celebrated the start of the Australian summer with a steamy Instagram upload that captured the bombshell at the beach. In the snap, the 29-year-old could be seen peeling an orange as she sat down in the sand. She rocked a black string bikini that flaunted her busty chest, displaying her buxom curves and toned pins in the skimpy number.

The two-piece featured a ruched top that seemed a tad too small for her bosom, causing her chest the spill out nearly on all sides. The item boasted a plummeting neckline that bared the full extent of Nicole’s ample cleavage, framing her décolletage with a pair of spaghetti straps going around her neck. Although her audience couldn’t get a good look at the bottoms in the seated pose, fans could notice the garment had a low-dipping waistline and narrow sides that came up above Nicole’s hips. The revealing swimsuit left the model’s chiseled midriff, waist, and tummy in full view of her admirers and showed off her lean legs.

Nicole exuded a sexy air of nonchalance as she sat with her legs folded in front of her body. The stunner was barefoot and her hair was wet, suggesting she went for a dip in the sea before posing for the snap. She held the orange with both hands, leaning her wrists against her calf and thigh, respectively. She raised one knee and slightly stretched out her foot, giving followers a peek at the tattoos on the top of both feet.

The sizzling brunette added a few accessories to finish off the hot look. She rocked large hoop earrings and coordinated her manicure with her swimwear. The backdrop gave prominence to her attire and accentuated her bronzed tan, consisting of cream-colored sand strewn with massive dark boulders. Her damp locks tumbled down her back in messy streaks. A rebel tendril brushed over her face, calling attention to her gorgeous features.

Nicole peered into the camera with a sultry gaze. Her lips were parted in a provocative expression. A camera rested on the sand by her side, adding a whimsical touch to the shot.

The photo appeared to be a throwback, as the caption seemed to suggest. Nicole credited the snap to professional photographer Benjamin Patrick, who has worked with the model in the past.

The update was a big hit with the babe’s 1.5 million followers, racking up more than 12,600 likes in the first six hours. Plenty of Nicole’s supporters also took the time to compliment the Aussie beauty in the comments section.

“Beautiful shot Nicole,” wrote one person.

“You look so amazing beautiful,” gushed a second fan.

“I love oranges,” chimed in a third Instagrammer.

“Fabulous pic. But, that cool strand of hair would’ve driven me crazy. I guess that’s why you get paid the big bucks. Plus no one cares to take pictures of guys like me with some hair asunder (or in a bikini)!” quipped a fourth follower.