Brooke Shields, 55, Poses In A Plunging Sundress At A Marina: ‘Mask On And Ready To Explore’

Brooke Shields attends the Impractical Jokers: The Movie Premiere Screening and Party on February 18, 2020 in New York City.
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Brooke Shields delighted her 1.1 million Instagram followers with her most recent share on Monday. The iconic model and actress wore a low-cut sundress and posed for the snap standing next to a row of boats docked at a marina. She mentioned in the caption that the pretty weather had inspired her to go enjoy the outdoors.

Over 10,000 fans liked the post in the course of the afternoon on which it was uploaded.

Brooke’s dress featured a gauzy navy fabric printed with tiny cream-colored flowers. The garment was seemingly constructed of several layers to create an opaque appearance from the slightly sheer material. It had cap sleeves and a wrap design, which was secured around her slender waist with a pair of matching strings tied in a bow.

The deep V-neckline revealed the smallest hint of her chest, below which a bright red section of ruched fabric peeked. It was positioned unusually, but it may have been the top of a bathing suit that she wore underneath her shift.

Brooke finished off the outfit with a kicky pair of white sneakers with low socks, and a stylish tan straw hat with a black band embellished with a bow. A camouflage cotton mask covered the lower half of her face, the rest of which was concealed by a pair of dark sunglasses with square, wire-rimmed frames.

The Jane the Virgin star accessorized with several thick bands on her fingers, including a sizable diamond solitaire on her left ring finger. She also wore a chunky, linked gold chain bracelet and a simple watch with a black leather band.

Brooke stood in the middle of a cement sidewalk with her feet together and her hands on either hip. She cocked her head slightly to one side in a natural movement that people frequently make when they are posing and smiling for a camera.

A row of giant rectangular storage containers with padlocks lined the right side of the walkway, and was backed with a white iron fence demarcating the marina’s property.

On Brooke’s left, various types and styles of watercraft were tied up next to one another, separated by short metal stairs that allowed one to access the individual docks.

The background showed a multi-storied, curving building with repeating square windows. The outside was clearly white, but had almost been overtaken with a lush growth of vines that covered most of the surface. The tops of tall palm trees rose from behind the structure, next to a high-rise building with glass-lined balconies.