'One Piece' Chapter 998 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

One Piece Wano Arc continues to get more intense and exciting. While everyone was busy fighting, Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido made another major move, using his dragon ability to lift the entire island of Onigashima and bring it to the Flower Captain in the Land of Wano. As of now, most fans are wondering why the strongest creature in the world is relocating their headquarters in the middle of the war.

Unfortunately, they would be needing to wait a little longer to know the reason behind Emperor Kaido's recent actions. According to Otakus' Notes, One Piece Chapter 998 won't be released this week as the popular manga would be having a one-week break. The next chapter of One Piece is set to be officially available on December 13, 2020, while spoilers are expected to come out a few days earlier.

"There is terrible news for the fans. One Piece Chapter 998 will be on break next week. But the creators have mentioned that this will be their last break of 2020. Therefore, One Piece Chapter 998 will officially release on December 13, 2020."
Fans are no longer strangers to hiatuses as the popular manga has been going on one-week breaks since it began in 1997. However, the hiatuses became more frequent when the coronavirus spread in Japan. To slow down the increasing numbers of infected individuals, the Japanese government enforced strict quarantine protocols that impacted several business sectors, including the manga and anime industries. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda admitted that he's frustrated with the current situation, but vowed to continue making new chapters while watching over his health.

One Piece features four members of the Worst Generation.
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Though there are still several days before the release of One Piece Chapter 998, fans have already started making their own predictions regarding what will happen next. Aside from Emperor Kaido's planned relocation of Onigashima, Otakus' Notes published a list of things that could be featured in the next chapter of One Piece.

These include former Whitebeard Pirates first-division commander Marco the Phoenix helping Straw Hat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper, the fight between Cyborg Franky and Sasaki of the Flying Six, and the conversation between Emperor Kaido and Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin.

In the latest chapter, Marco was shown arriving at the banquet hall where people infected by Ice Oni continue to grow in number. Chopper already figured out the structure of the virus and how to create an antidote. To prevent people from dying before Chopper makes an antidote for everyone, Marco is expected to use his Phoenix's flames to counter the Ice Onis and stop the virus' reproduction.

Meanwhile, the battle between Franky and Sasaki is inevitable. Franky would have to keep Sasaki busy in order to stop him and his subordinates from chasing Yamato, Kozuki Momonosuke, and Shinobu. The previous chapter featured Emperor Big Mom returning into the castle, but instead of immediately engaging in battle with the Straw Hat Pirates alliance, she headed straight to Emperor Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 998 could reveal why the lady Yonko wanted to meet the strongest creature in the World. It may also finally disclose why Emperor Big Mom really agreed to form an alliance with Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.