Chelsea Handler Posts Side-By-Side Snaps Of Herself And Young Claudia Schiffer, Fans Love The Comparison

Chelsea Handler attends The 2020 MAKERS Conference on February 11, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Chelsea Handler got a huge reaction to her most recent Instagram update, in which she posted a split image of herself and a throwback photo of supermodel and designer Claudia Schiffer and teased in the caption that the likeness was uncanny — although some of her family apparently disagreed.

Chelsea’s 4 million social media followers flooded the page with encouraging and supportive responses, many of them humorous. A notable number of celebrities left their mark in the comments section, including Jewel, Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron, and Angie Harmon – all of whom declared that the resemblance was clear.

A number of other fans were comparably agreeable and were eager to express their adoration for the post, as well the controversial comedian’s outspoken attitude.

Many supporters swore that they initially thought the two photos were of Chelsea and that the similarity caused them to have to look twice, wondering if she was participating in a 10-year-challenge.

“I mean we all see it. Sisters can’t see what they don’t want to!!!” one fan confirmed.

“Wow, almost twins. Nice t-shirt, Chelsea, looking good,” a second person praised, adding laughing, thumbs-up, flame, and heart emoji into the mix.

“She looks like the good twin who’s married and has 3 vegetarian kids and you look like… well, your life,” a third follower teased, seemingly alluding to the fact that Chelsea seems to enjoy an exciting lifestyle.

“Close, but you look like a lot more fun. No offence Claudia, but Chelsea speaks my language (pirate),” a fourth fan agreed.

Chelsea mimicked the old fashion photo with impressive accuracy, with a few small exceptions — but her appearance also looked like she frequently does during any casual day.

Both women wore classic white T-shirts tucked into dark-washed denim jeans with no belt. Claudia’s top was her own design, and featured her lipstick print across the front, surrounded by the phrase “with love from Claudia” in a handwritten cursive scrawl.

Chelsea wore a vintage T-shirt from punk band The Clash’s 1984 “Out of Control” tour. It had a graphic red-and-white illustration of an album superimposed with a map of London. The center of the record was the band’s logo, and the bottom of the shirt had a colorless photo of a DJ standing in front of his mixing equipment.

The two blondes had hair almost the exact same shade, and both were parted in the center and fell to their shoulders in loose waves.

Chelsea chose not to replicate Claudia’s bright red nail polish, and their jewelry was slightly different. Otherwise, the two women did look remarkably similar – albeit with a slight difference in age.