Eva Longoria, 45, Shows Some Leg With Knee-High Boots & Little Black Dress: ‘Oh Hello Monday’

Eva Longoria attends the FIFA Football Awards
Philipp Schmidli / Getty Images

A sultry snapshot shared by actress Eva Longoria on Monday received a lot of love from her 8 million Instagram followers. The 45-year-old stunner teased everybody with a gorgeous look and catchy caption, and people wasted no time in responding.

Eva sat on an open staircase while this photo was taken. The open wood stairs and plain white wall behind her provided the perfect backdrop to highlight Eva’s classic beauty.

The actress sat on one step, angled slightly to the side. Eva wore stiletto-heeled black boots that went nearly to her knees. Both of her legs were bent and one foot rested on the step right under where she sat. The other foot was on the stair below it with just the pointed toe of the boot resting on the wood.

The Desperate Housewives star covered her curves in a black, sleeveless dress. It had a mock turtleneck and loose, flowy construction.

Eva positioned the fabric between her slightly separated legs and draped the rest of the garment behind her. The long, loose material tumbled over and behind the open stairs below her.

The Grand Hotel and Devious Maids veteran let one arm hang loosely next to her hip while she braced her other elbow on her bare knee. She rested her index finger against her cheek and left her lips parted slightly as she looked at the photographer.

The actress and activist left her arms were bare and did the same with her knees and thighs. She exuded confidence and beauty and her followers loved the look.

In just the first hour after Eva had initially shared this stunning snapshot, nearly 40,000 of her fans hit the like button on the post. About 380 people also commented and there were plenty of fire emoji utilized as everybody tried to express their enthusiasm for Eva’s bold vibe.

“WOW Eva you look very Beautiful,” noted one fan.

“Hello Mamacita feeling that picture,” a second user raved.

“@evalongoria – there is absolutely nobody in existence more beautiful/gorgeous as you are! What an incredible photo!” a follower declared.

“Timeless beauty,” someone else wrote.

Earlier this month, Eva teased her millions of fans with a different sultry black ensemble. That single photo also happened to be shared on a Monday and more than 155,000 people liked that one.

Both of these recent uploads combine a somewhat modest ensemble with a sultry, confident vibe and Eva’s followers have made sure she knew that they loved the style.