Tiffany Haddish Shows Off Taut Abs In A Black Bra & Gray Sweats

In this screengrab, Tiffany Haddish speaks during the GCAPP EmPOWER Party & 25th Anniversary Virtual Event on November 12, 2020.
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Comedienne Tiffany Haddish showed off her body transformation in a new Instagram post, stunning her followers as she posed for a selfie in a black bra and gray sweatpants. She displayed her taut abs and noted that she already saw a difference after only three days as a participant in a program called 30 Day Transformation.

The gorgeous actress took a mirror photo where she raised both arms as she held her phone, giving fans a good look at her progress thus far. Her upper arms and chest looked fit. She wore a black bra in a satin material which flattered her curves. Her midsection was bare, and her trim waist was on display.

Tiffany sported gray sweatpants with a white drawstring, which was left untied. The pants sat low on her hips and rose to just underneath her navel. The sweats also had flat pockets on either side.

Tiffany shaved her head in July of this year and continues to sport a short hairstyle. For this photo, she wore a wig which was fashioned into a bob style. She added a dark-colored headband to keep her tresses out of her face. The snap appeared to have been taken in a bathroom. Her long nails were painted a brownish tone.

Tiffany noted that she already felt like she had made progress and cited several reasons why in the image’s caption. She also asked her fans if they wanted to do the program with her, as she appeared to partner with the company so that followers could score a discount.

Admirers of the stunning 40-year-old took to the comments section of her post to applaud her for sticking to the fitness and diet plan.

“This is amazing, go Tiffany and by the way, I have the same bra LOL,” penned one fan.

“Kicking butt and taking names, yessss girl,” wrote a second follower.

“You’re on the way beautiful, I see the change,” chimed in a third Instagram user.

“You already have an amazing body,” remarked a fourth fan.

On November 28, Tiffany posted a video where she checked in with the team at 30 Day Transformation, as seen on Instagram here. She explained in the 30-minute long chat that she challenged herself to “measure up” in front of everybody and said she believed that there were a lot of people who were afraid to face their progress, but she wasn’t. Tiffany spoke of her excitement and admitted that she had already lost 40 pounds thus far but did not say if this was as part of the aforementioned program.