Isabella Buscemi Pushes Her Cleavage Up While Clad In A Strapless Bra: ‘Never Swap A Dime For A Penny’

Isabella Buscemi snaps a selfie.
Isabella Buscemi / Instagram

Isabella Buscemi went full bombshell in the most recent photo shared on her Instagram page. The model and social media influencer posted the sizzling snap on Sunday, and it’s been garnering rave reviews from her audience of 2.3 million.

The photo captured Isabella posing directly in the center of the frame. It was snapped at an up-close and personal angle, ensuring fans were treated to a great view of her curvaceous physique. The backdrop looked familiar to those who follow her on the photo-sharing platform, and she posed in a bathroom. The back wall was lined with luxurious marble, which gave the look a rich vibe.

Isabella gazed into the camera with an alluring stare and lips slightly parted. She had her chest facing toward the camera, making for an NSFW look that proved hard to ignore. Isabella sizzled in a skimpy black ensemble that did her fit figure nothing but favors.

On her upper half, Isabella rocked a bra that was constructed of lace fabric, and the piece was patterned with flowers. The garment was strapless and worn low on her chest, leaving her ample bust in full view. Isabella cupped the bottom of her breasts with her hands, further accentuating her cleavage and curves. A tease of her muscular arms and shoulders were also on display.

The model added a trainer around her waist that boasted a shiny leather fabric. The garment zippered down the middle, helping to draw attention to her tiny frame. The piece proceeded to fit snugly to her hips, and a tease of her lower half was on display.

She styled her long, blond locks with loose and sexy waves that spilled over her chest and back. The model also wore a vibrant red polish on her nails, adding a major pop of color to her look. She also rocked a few blingy accessories, including a necklace that had her name written in cursive on it. Isabella added a pair of diamond earrings, which provided the perfect amount of bling.

In her caption, she reminded followers to “never swap a dime for a penny.” Her audience has been loving the sexy display, and it’s earned more than 73,000 likes and 1,000 comments in its short time live.

“You a whole 100$ bill,” one Instagrammer commented, adding a few red hearts to the end of the post.

“What about a dime for a quarter?” another social media user quipped.

“Breath taking gorgeous figure,” a third exclaimed, adding a trio of flames.

“Looking gorgeous with that smoking hot body,” one more raved.