Pennsylvania Republican Rushed Out Of W.H. Meeting With Donald Trump After Receiving Positive COVID-19 Test

The GOP lawmaker reportedly received the positive test result while in the West Wing.

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The GOP lawmaker reportedly received the positive test result while in the West Wing.

A Pennsylvania Republican had to rush out of a West Wing meeting with Donald Trump after learning that he had tested positive for COVID-19, a new report claims.

As The Associated Press reported, state lawmaker Doug Mastriano was part of a group of Republicans who traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with Trump after having hosted a meeting earlier in the week to discuss his campaign’s claims of election fraud. The report noted that Mastriano had not worn a mask in the previous meeting and learned on Sunday that he had contracted coronavirus.

After learning about his test, Trump reportedly had White House medical personnel take care of Mastriano along with his friend and friend’s son, who joined them for the Oval Office get-together and also tested positive.

The news outlet quoted a source who noted that everyone taking part in the gathering on Sunday had been tested beforehand, but the results were not delivered until they reached the West Wing.

“The president instantly called the White House doctor in and he took them back to, I guess, the medical place,” the source said.

Trump had held meetings with other state GOP leaders as he pushed efforts to overturn the outcome of the election. That included a controversial get-together with Michigan lawmakers after a pair of party members voted against certifying final vote counts in Wayne County, where Joe Biden won by a significant margin. Though they later reversed and certified the results, the decision was met with widespread criticism and accusations that they were taking part in an attempt to subvert the will of voters.

Trump has long been criticized for his failure to take proper precautions and adhere to social distancing guidelines, leading to a number of outbreaks among his inner circle. That included several who became infected after a reception held in honor of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The event was held without social distancing guidelines, with seats close together and many attendees not wearing masks.

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Trump would end up contracting coronavirus after the reception, along with his wife and their son. Others close to him would go on to become infected after other events, including a gathering on election night inside the White House where they watched coverage of the race.

Trump has also faced criticism for continuing to hold campaign rallies even as the number of coronavirus cases surged nationwide, with many of the venues not requiring masks.