Ashton Kutcher Gets Into Melee At Stagecoach Festival

Ashton Kutcher reportedly got into a melee with a security guard at the Stagecoach Music Festival over the weekend.

The Two and a Half Men star apparently took offense to a security guard stopping a fan from asking the actor for an autograph. Witnesses say that the former beau of Demi Moore was enjoying the music in the VIP section when a female fan tried to shake his hand and ask for the autograph.

The security guard apparently overreacted and shoved the fan who stumbled and bumped into Mila Kunis’ boytoy. The actor became angered by the guard’s actions and shoved him back.

At this point, friends had to hold Kutcher back or it would have become an all out fight. Ashton Kutcher isn’t known for getting into melees, so it isn’t that hard to believe that this is a situation where he was provoked.

Despite being well known for his romantic relationships with both Moore and Kunis, he’s never really gotten the reputation of being any kind of a bad boy. That is apparently one of the reasons that he was handed the lead role on Two and Half Men after Charlie Sheen was let go.

The former That ’70s Show actor is repeatedly portrayed as somewhat dimwitted when it comes to his movie and television roles, and that is yet another reason there are some who simply assume the man will get into trouble wherever he goes.

It appears that this time he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Multiple accounts say that the actor didn’t do anything wrong and that the security guard was the one who started everything and made things much worse after the incident began.

What do you you think of Ashton Kutcher’s melee at the Stage Coach Music Festival?

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