Sierra Skye Embraces Her Inner Tiger In Sultry New Snapshot

Model Sierra Skye poses for an Instagram selfie.
Sierra Skye / Instagram

Model and YouTuber Sierra Skye updated her social media profile on Sunday afternoon with a sultry new snapshot that showed her embracing her animalistic side. In the picture, the 25-year-old was captured sporting a swirling tiger-print bikini bottom and an airy, flared-sleeve top to match while posing amid the white sands, palm fronds and green shrubbery of a tropical beach setting.

Sierra included an emoji of the aforementioned feline predator in the accompanying caption while advertising her latest batch of sexy, exclusive web content. The post’s comments section was inundated with fans and followers who had already been put under a spell by her stunning display of skin in the update.

“Sierra, very very beautiful, elegant and hyper sexy,” read one comment, translated into English from French via Google. “You are sublime and lovely.”

“I’d like to play 7 hours in heaven with you,” joked a second smitten fan.

“You are gorgeous in that tiger print,” added another admirer. “Love.”

“Would be so easy to fall in love with you girl,” confessed a fourth follower.

In just 30 minutes after it had appeared on her timeline, Sierra’s photo update had racked up well over 15,000 likes as well.

Sierra stood center-frame in the medium-wide shot with her hips and posterior shifted slightly to one side and her head cocked in the same direction. She pressed her full, pouty lips tightly together while her dark eyes locked onto the camera.

The model’s wavy, gold-tinged mane — which extended out from the dark roots that began at a middle part — appeared to have caught the wind as multiple loose strands covered her face. She grasped her hair on the right with her fingers, which stood out due to the bright pink shade of polish on her fingernails. On the opposite side of her body, her left arm hung close to her torso.

While her top was tied together in two places at her front, the billowy garment’s plunging neckline offered a clear look at her perky bust. Consequently, she raised the temperature for her 4.1 million followers with a considerable showing of cleavage.

She appeared to be wearing a swirled bikini top that matched her scanty bottom, but only a sliver of its breast cup and a thin shoulder strap could actually be seen.

In the background, a smattering of palm fronds, multiple trunks and a small wooden table covered with bottles further served to enhance the beachfront visual.

Earlier in the weekend, the Inquisitr reported on Sierra flaunting her sculpted booty in an update that showed her sporting tight pink leggings.