Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Ava’s Emotional & Feeling Torn Between Julian & Nikolas

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During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Ava will be struggling with some deep emotions. A deleted scene from the November 30 show shared via Twitter reveals a bit of what’s ahead.

As viewers saw during the past few shows, Julian told Ava about his connection to the Floating Rib explosion. She was quite upset with him, but her feelings intensified when she learned that her sister-in-law Lulu had been seriously injured in the blast.

Ava has helped her brother a lot since learning of his involvement in the baby swap, but she signaled that she had hit her breaking point with this. She told him he needed to leave Port Charles, and she seemed intent on washing her hands of him.

The clip shared on Twitter shows Ava sitting at General Hospital with Nikolas. She tells her husband that Julian decided he didn’t need Nik’s help after all. Previously, Nikolas had said he’d help Julian get out of town.

As far as Nik was concerned, the offer still stood. Until this blast, Ava had encouraged Julian to take advantage of Nikolas’ vast resources. Now, however, she’s changed course. She’s not going to allow her husband to help her brother given what happened to Lulu.

Ava’s marriage to Nik may have been built out of convenience, but real feelings have grown between them. As General Hospital fans know, she’s done plenty of shady things over the years. Ultimately, though, even she draws the line at utilizing Nikolas’ resources to help the man who may end up responsible for killing Lulu.

At the same time, she’s not going to be the one to expose Julian, either. She already covered for him when Jason came asking questions, and it seems she’ll try to keep Nik from learning the truth, too.

General Hospital spoilers from the deleted scene reveal that Nik will plead with Ava to get Julian to change his mind. Nikolas will tell his wife that her brother cannot stay in Port Charles. She’ll tell him she agrees, but that she’s already done everything she can to help.

At that point, Laura approaches the couple. Ava encourages Nikolas to go be with his family, promising to take care of everything at Wyndemere. She kisses him on the cheek and watches as he walks over to Laura and gets a hug from her.

Viewers won’t see this particular scene during Monday’s episode of General Hospital. However, SheKnows Soaps signals that Ava will be seen making her feelings about Julian’s situation abundantly clear. Her anxiety will carry over into Tuesday’s show, and all signs point toward Julian leaving Port Charles soon.

It seems likely that the truth about the blast will be uncovered sooner rather than later. General Hospital teasers indicate that Sam will remember something that could be significant, and Jason and Sonny have already made a connection between Julian and Cyrus.

Will Nikolas learn that Ava knew of Julian’s role and helped him? Can their marriage survive this if Nik does learn the truth? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s heartbreak ahead for everybody connected to this, and the November 30 episode will lay the groundwork for where this all heads next.