Bri Teresi & Dajana Gudić Win Instagram With Double Bra Snapshot

Model Dajana Gudic attends the Abyss By Abby - Arabian Nights Collection Launch Party in 2020.
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Guess girl Bri Teresi updated her popular Instagram feed on Sunday afternoon by serving up a double dose of eye candy for her 1.1 million followers. In the photo update, the 26-year-old Maxim alum and social media influencer was joined by fellow cover girl and occasional YouTuber Dajana Gudić in posing sans top in a golden-hued hayfield.

Both models were rocking shredded blue jeans in the shot while their prominent bustlines were accentuated by push-up bras.

Teresi captioned the snapshot by referring to it as a “2 for 1” special. Meanwhile, she credited one of her most frequent collaborators — Los Angeles-based photographer Jentrie Bentley — for capturing the sultry display.

Her fans were clearly taken with the results of her latest team-up with Gudić and Bentley, as the picture racked up thousands of likes in short order after appearing on her timeline. Moreover, the comments section was bombarded with declarations of love and virtual catcalls for the steamy snap.

“Double trouble!” proclaimed one commenter. “Very hot!”

“Best deal I have seen all day,” opined a second smitten supporter.

“Literally immersed in nature, complete with an outfit matched to the location,” wrote another admirer.

“Looking hot as always ladies,” commented a fourth follower. “You look great wearing black Bri.”

The dual bombshells were sitting together in the dry grass as Bentley snapped the pic with Teresi appearing to lean into her cohort. The Auburn, California native sported a smoldering expression with her pink lips parted, her eyes locked onto the camera and her bleached blond hair messily blanketed her shoulders.

Gudić similarly stared at the device with her magenta-colored lips pressed together. Like Teresi, her strawberry blond hair extended out from a center part and tickled her shoulders.

Both women wore stonewash-style jeans that were frayed and tearing along the pant legs. Teresi’s looked to be fully unbuttoned down the front, which allowed for a clear view of her toned abdominal musculature and bare navel. Although her partner-in-crime’s jeans were zipped up and hugging her high waist, they too offered a sneak peek at a taut midsection.

Teresi’s bra was black and lacy in nature and it allowed for a moderate showing of cleavage. Her Central European collaborator’s cream-colored bra was noticeably skimpier, allowing for an even larger showing of her perky bosom and its great divide.

As ever, Teresi has been incredibly active on her social media profile of late. Earlier in the week, she was shown on the golf course with a putter in hand and her statuesque physique adorned with a plaid miniskirt and a plunging top.