WWE’s Sasha Banks Rocks Tiny Blue Crop Top & Flaunts Enviable Physique In Latest Photos

Sasha Banks appears on WWE television

WWE superstar Sasha Banks took to Instagram this weekend and delighted her 4.9 million followers with a glamorous selection of snaps where she rocked her trademark blue colors.

In the photos, the Friday Night SmackDown star wore a glittery blue crop top and matching pants that accentuated her athletic figure. She topped the outfit off with a bracelet on her left wrist that aligned with the rest of the color scheme. The wall that was visible in the background was also blue.

The first picture showed Banks standing with her back to the camera. She turned her head around to pose for the snap, however, and she wore a casual expression. She rested her right hand on the wall.

In the second photo, the superstar stood straight and faced forward. She rested her left hand on her leg, providing a clear shot of her jewelry in the process. Banks smiled slightly as she gazed at the camera.

The third picture featured Banks flicking her hair back as she smiled for the snap. Her stance was glamorous and confident, just like her on-screen persona.

In the fourth image, Banks stood sideways with her hands resting on her thighs and offered another mysterious look. While she wasn’t smiling, she did reveal some of her immaculately white teeth.

The fifth image was similar to the third. In this case, however, Banks let her hair hang down and her arms fall by her side. The sixth photo was also reminiscent of the fourth, with the exception of the wrestler covering her chest with one of her hands.

In the next upload, the WWE star gazed toward the right and hunched over slightly, her two arms cradling her tummy area. This photo also accentuated her bicep muscles.

The final snap depicted her with her knuckles clasped together and her staring into the camera with a dreamy expression on her face.

Banks’ fans appreciated the uploads, with over 231,000 hitting the like button as of this writing. Many of her admirers also took to the comments section and sent her compliments.

“Oh my goodness you are so beautiful Sasha, I love you so much,” gushed one Instagram follower.

“You’re beautiful,” wrote another Instagram user.

These views were echoed throughout the comments section by fans and peers alike. “The Boss” is a popular figure on social media, as evidenced by some of her latest uploads.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, she blew her followers away last week with some pictures of her in shorts and The Undertaker merchandise.